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Triple the Fun: Photo, Video, GIF Magic!

Dive into a world of interactive fun with our revolutionary 3-in-1 Booth, designed to capture every moment of your event in multiple formats. Whether it’s a photo, a video, or a GIF, our booth allows you and your guests to hold onto those joyful memories in the way you find most fun.

Why 3-in-1 Booth?

Versatile Fun with Three Options

Enjoy photos, videos, and GIFs all from one dynamic booth—triple the media, triple the fun.

Custom AR Props for Unified Fun

Custom AR props ensure everyone gets into the event’s spirit together, enhancing the fun.

Share Joy Instantly

Instantly download and share your captures on social media to keep the excitement going.


✔ Photos, GIFs & Videos

✔ Bespoke Design Overlay

✔ A Beautiful Backdrop from our Collection

✔ 6 X Custom Designed AR Virtual Fun Props

✔ Well Wishes or Testimonials Video Recording

✔ Instant Download via QR


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