A Guide To Your Magical Moment

Written by Busybody Studios

March 6, 2016


Getting married in Singapore is no joking matter. I’m serious! Any fool can tell you that since a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime matter (well, for most at least!), most ladies would want to have a magical experience. That puts a lot of stress on both parties (and their pockets!). Well, fret not! Having been involved in over 500 weddings – as being both parts of the entourage and a service provider, and participated in several wedding shows, BusybodySG is proud to present our inaugural Wedding Guide! For your reference, this guide is based on Amara Hotel’s Magical Moments Wedding Show which was held on 21 February 2016.

If you’re still reading this, I suppose that the proposal has already been successfully concluded. Well, congratulations! Popping the big question is but the first to many, many aspects to take care of. Being a rational person, I’ll err on the side of assuming that you have already made some plans on housing, which I will skip. Let’s take a look at the big-ticket items, which include:

  • Wedding Venue & Food
  • Venue Decor
  • Pre-Wedding photography package, which is commonly bundled with
  • Wedding Outfit (through a bridal shop)
  • Pre-Wedding Cinematography (for those who have the extra moolah to splash)
  • Actual Day Videography
  • Actual Day Photography

While the small ticket items commonly include:

  • Wedding bands
  • Hand Bouquet
  • Stylist
  • Wedding invitation cards
  • Wedding dowry (for Chinese weddings)
  • Entertainment
  • Wedding favors
  • Shoes & Accessories

In today’s modern context, I will boldly say that none of the items above are compulsory to get married. After all, what you need are two willing hearts (+ an unconventional approach) and you are ready to get married in your living room. Singaporean couple Larry & Sin Nee got married in their own HDB flat in 2012! While they did hold a wedding at Goodwood Park (not for $900), a wedding solemnization is what you require to be legally wedded under Singapore law! Since not all Singaporeans are hippies, let’s look at how a mainstream wedding goes.

Wedding / Solemnization Venue

The first big-ticket item which most couples attend to would be the wedding venue! In order to shortlist your ideal venue, you will need to have a good idea of either your guest list or your budget. The price (including food) is typically in the range of $588 to $2080++ per table (for conventional seating of 10 pax/table). This is not inclusive of alcoholic beverages, and customized decor.

If you are having your Wedding solemnization on the same day, which is becoming common these days, you have several options to choose from. You can either have it within your ballroom (boring, really) or at a different location within the same venue. Most hotels will provide a function room at no additional cost for this purpose; however, if you are looking at having something ‘different’, an outdoor setting might be enthralling. Or it might be a sweaty experience altogether, depending on the day’s weather and the timing that you have your solemnization at.

Decision Making: Bride 50%, Groom 50%

Wedding Decor

Decorating the venue can range from being simple to a relatively extensive project. For starters, most venues provide a list of settings for you to choose from. Enlist the help of your bridesmaids and you can have ‘something different’ easily. However, if you are out to create a magical moment, June Florist, who also provides hand bouquets, will be happy to help you to create a garden within your ballroom. If you’ve always wanted an origami cut-out of yourself or a paper castle, check out Paper Carpenter‘s works, or The Propz Company for a wedding set in Wonderland.

Decision Making: Bride 70%, Groom 30%

Bridal Shop

Fancy something unconventional? Go short (and hot!) Beautiful Love Wedding certainly has a wide range of beautiful gowns! Bridal studios typically offer packages which are more economical when you take up the pre-wedding studio photography and outfits bundled together. The only downside to studio packages is that you may not know who your photographer is, which is a factor that more couples are becoming increasingly concerned with. Our solution? Engage an independent photographer for your outdoor (or even overseas) photography! Some of the popular photographers tie-up with bridal boutiques for collaborations.

Decision Making: Bride 80%, Groom 20%

Shoe & Accessories

While you’re at it, let’s not forget the shoes! Let Sinderella & BLACKaccessories take care of your girly desires.

Decision Making: Bride 90%, Groom 10%


People often say that a woman looks her best on her wedding day. Well, credit goes to the stylist, who is often an unsung hero. A good stylist will make a pretty face stunning. Fortunately for you, the good people of Le Queenz will ensure that you look your best on your big day!

Decision Making: Bride 99%, Groom 1%

Pre-Wedding Cinematography

Fancy an exotic pre-wedding cinematography with aerial footage? ApertureXXI are the guys to go to! From the video’s conceptualization to the execution, ApertureXXI’s dedication will delight you.

Decision Making: Bride 50%, Groom 50%

Actual Day Photography / Videography

“Video is the new photo”, as I would put it. If I had to choose one, it would definitely be moving pictures over still images. When in doubt, engage both services! In addition to Instant Print services, BusybodySG now offers Actual Day Photography & Videography, providing you a one-stop solution. Check out our $3,888 package.

Decision Making: Bride 40%, Groom 60%

Wedding Car

Sick of the usual Audi/Mercedes/BMW bridal car? Thinking of something quirky? How about a CONVOY of MINI Coopers!? Eurokars Leasing will make that happen for you!

Decision Making: Bride 20%, Groom 80%

Invitation Cards

Prior to your wedding, remember to send them cards out! While some venues provide generic invitation cards, if you’re looking at something customized, take a look at the options provided by T Dragon Cards.

Decision Making: Bride 55%, Groom 45%

Chinese Wedding Dowry

Sometimes I’m ashamed to call myself a Chinese – I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to the traditions, but I’m certain that I’m not alone! If you are on the same boat as me, fret not! Fortunately for people like me, I have Le Knot to save the day! Whether you are Hainanese, Hakka, or Teochew, Le Knot has the solution for you!

Decision Making: Bride 50%, Groom 50%

Entertainment: Instant Print

Instant Print services have become so popular these days that it deserves a category on its own, doesn’t it? BusybodySG provides an extensive range of instant print services, including the classic Photo Booth service, the mobile Roving instant print service, the highly-popular Table Shot Wedding Favor service, and the latest LetzPrint!

If you’re dreaming of a fairy tale wedding, Mirror Booth is an essential piece to your stage!

Decision Making: Bride 70%, Groom 30%

Entertainment: Live Band

A good playlist can build the ambiance of your wedding. Unfortunately, not every Backstreet Boys or Westlife song suits the occasion, regardless of how much you love their songs. If you’ve got an excellent voice, why not belt out a song for your guests? If (like me) you do not have a good voice, entrust Love Me Knot with that important responsibility!

Decision Making: Bride 50%, Groom 50%

Wedding Favors

Bored with the generic playing cards or teacup that venues provide as your wedding favor? Celia G provides a wide variety of wedding favors to your hearts’ desire!

Decision Making: Bride 60%, Groom 40%


Before you even select a wedding date, you might want to consult Master Tong on an auspicious date. After all, we all want to start our lifelong marriage on the right note, don’t we? With a good start, you can be confident that things will fall into place! If you’re feeling stressed out, pamper yourself to a sensual Spa treatment by Bonafides to soothe your pre-wedding jitters before your big day!

I hope that you enjoyed this brief guide and the services featured within it!

To invite BusybodySG to a wedding showcase, contact Robin Ong at 9626 3687. For more information on BusybodySG’s services, visit www.busybody.sg or send an email to [email protected].

Disclaimer: This guide is written based on our acquired experience in the Wedding industry. All service providers listed here are participants in Amara Hotel’s Wedding Show. The weightage in decision making is an expression of my dry humor and should not be religiously referred to. I absolve myself from any responsibility resulting from disagreements between couples =)


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