Advertise Help & Support. Bradley Robert Edwards is accused of murdering Ciara Glennon, Sarah Spiers and Jane Rimmer (inset). Home Latest Posts. In a tragic premonition, a worker over the road from where Ciara Glennon was last seen made a passing comment that “she might be the next girl to go.” Her body was found 19 days later. Claremont serial killer trial: Ex-wife's lover joins long list of suppressed names. State prosecutor Tara Payne argued the media's coverage of Mr Edwards' case had been "extensive, enduring and widespread", and the suppression order was sought to protect the privacy of the accused's first wife, former partner, and child.
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The 50-year-old has also denied raping a 17-year-old girl in Karrakatta Cemetery in 1995 and attacking an 18-year-old woman in her Huntingdale home in 1988. Xbox Series X / S: Releasing November 10 for $499 / $749, Playstation 5: Releasing November 12 for $599 / $749.
I have found a link on another forum from back in 2018 which contains discussion about a "local" in Kewdale reporting police divers at Tomato Lake the day BRE was arrested. Oh noooo, the Saw movies were for me, absolutely horrific so didn't watch the whole of first movie and didn't even contemplate watching second!! BY all accounts Bradley Robert Edwards lived a normal and ordinary life in the suburbs — a tireless little athletics administrator, a loyal telco employee and a devoted stepfather. Here's what we know about the Claremont serial killer story so far. Both sides will present their arguments at a directions hearing next month. Bradley Robert Edwards will stand trial over the Claremont serial killings. Created with Sketch. 7,290 Posts. Claremont serial murders: Car owned by Bradley Robert Edwards to undergo testing.

Prosecutor Carmel Barbagallo told the court additional work was being carried out by the ChemCentre ahead of the trial. The Aunty mentioned a friend of the family that was chased down a lane by a man in the late 90s. Justice Stephen Hall said he had put steps in place to have the trial heard in the biggest court room in the District Court building on Hay Street in Perth. ... Bradley Robert Edwards- Guilty; Bradley Robert Edwards- Guilty. Hiding in plain site. I need more information! If your talking about police corruption this was a classic example of it, it has left a big stain on the reputation of the WA police and the politicians who oversaw them. The Prosecution have compelling DNA belonging to BRE. Mr Edwards has pleaded not guilty to the murders of Sarah Spiers, 18, Jane Rimmer, 23, and Ciara Glennon, 27, in 1996 and 1997. Her downfall came when fears she might expose money laundering and all the high powered corruption.

She said the “very consuming work” involved the examination and further analysis of the fibres from the car Mr Edwards was allegedly driving when Ms Glennon went missing and from the clothes she was wearing on the night. Remember it was JR that was abducted at that time not CG.

Prosecutors want to be allowed to lead with evidence from the woman who claims Edwards was at her house for a barbecue in 1982 when he was about 13 or 14. Heather McNeill is a senior journalist at WAtoday. Propensity evidence is evidence not linked directly to the allegedly crimes but which might show relevant past conduct. Finn was a police protected madam that paid weekly to keep her business alive, they would shut down the opposition so the protected business's could survive.

The footage would either have had him Identified at the time or drove him underground. Forums.

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