Brandi was able to overcome with a spear and a rear naked choke to send a message. Finishing move. For the finish, Uno and Grayson hit Fatality on Austin to win. Per FTR's contract, tag ropes were added to the turnbuckles for the match. All rights reserved. 5 and 10 caused a distraction as Marshall was on the turnbuckles. It is great that AEW has provided work for numerous indie wrestlers during the pandemic, but as soon as one of them is booked, you already know what's going to happen. Avalon came back with a tiger driver. Nicknames: "The Prince That Was Promised" Signature moves: Sleeping Hero German Suplex Dire Promises. Considering his lineage and his success in the business so far, he's considered by many to be one of the most promising young stars on the independent scene. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Pillman … During the finish, you could see Avalon’s head bounce off the mat upon impact. Austin hit a modified hip toss on Serpentico for the win. Brian Pillman Jr. is an American professional wrestler and is the son of Brian Pillman. Hopefully, Leva Bates doesn’t put the kibosh on that. For the finish, Butcher suplexed Garcia onto Blade’s knees to win. modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata. Roles: Singles Wrestler Tag Team Wrestler Color Commentator. Leva Bates was ringside. Justin Roberts was the ring announcer. In-ring experience: 2 years. Break it down with us here. This week's Dynamite will serve as the second night of the Fyter Fest event. He found a page on his fiancee. Santana and Ortiz were on another level. After an opening flurry from the underdogs, the meat men took over to tenderize their opponents. QT was the better man on this evening, but the Dark Order did their best to serve up a win for Colt. Eddie Kingston was ringside. (and okay, @stu_dos might have also helped just a little bit) #AEWDark➡️ Pillman had a legacy as "The Loose Cannon", a wrestling gimmick that would see him do a series of worked shoots that would gain him a degree of infamy for his unpredictable character. Marq Quen made a hot tag to Isiah Kassidy, who landed some nice kicks and a cutter for two count. Abadon reminds me of the atrocious undead realm in Impact, and I just can’t take anything she does seriously. Evil Uno coached Cabana as the rest of the Dark Order watched from the stage. Janela nearly immediately took out both members of the Initiative and then tagged in Kiss, who hit all his signature moves including a tope suicida into a DDT. The 2nd generation grappler, who is in the process of dropping down to 205 pounds, has been working hard to cut weight in hopes of making a seamless…

Squash. Kiss and Janela continued to work at a fast pace. Dustin Rhodes and Lil Bran Bran were ringside. Lors du AEW Dark du 14 juillet, il perd contre Brian Cage et ne remporte pas le FTW Championship[16]. He has never looked great to me, but his selling has greatly improved. This was Austin’s first match since the January 8th Dark. The latest rumors, including more on positive test at the Performance Center, how WWE is handling it, other companies having issues with coronavirus, and more!

Ortiz pinned Pillman after their powerbomb kick combo.

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