For more information on CP Kustom's, Chuck Palumbo's motorcycle design shop, check out
Hogan is an avid chopper rider and this bike remains at the top of his most proudly owned. And with both of his passions merged, Palumbo sees even clearer the similarities between the two. He has gone on to make custom bikes for Rey Mysterio, Dave Bautista, and many others.

Once he outgrew the mini bike, chuck got into BMX bikes which he constantly tore apart and rebuilt. Keep your garage tidy with storage options. He also spun off the motorcycle theme into another venture, Chuck Palumbo's Garage Gym, a core fitness facility in El Cajon, Calif. He’s adapted the fitness knowledge he gained over his years in sports-entertainment and adapted them to the cross-fit style of training.

See the photos of Rey's bike. ", Palumbo's creations are stylish, yet simple.

Palumbo went down to Atlanta, not knowing what was in store for him at WCW’s training facility.

Check out this list to see if your favorite celebrity women ride. During his free moments, Palumbo enjoys spending time with his 15-year-old daughter, Charli, a varsity volleyball player, and his girlfriend Laura, who he calls his biggest supporter. ( WATCH PALUMBO'S NITRO DEBUT). “It started out as a joke and turned into this big thing.”. While he's still wrestling here and there, Chuck is putting more time and effort into CP Kustoms than ever before. If there is anyone on this list that knows most about motorcycles it is Chuck Palumbo; owner of CP Kustoms. Mysterio is also a proud owner of two fully customized Harley Davidson Nightster. It's a lot different than [Mysterio's bike], but you can tell the same artist worked on it," he explained. (WATCH) For Palumbo, being able to be himself was a welcome change.

During college Chuck got into watching pro wrestling and fell in love with the high-paced action. But the twist in the tale is that he did it as a fan who said yes to the challenge offered by Ernest who was popularly known as “The Cat” Miller.

He didn’t have much of a character at the point, but the tights were a tribute to a WWE Legend he admired. We found a treasure trove of vibrant custom motorcycles from the.
The candy-apple red bike also features a 96-cubic-inch S&S engine, a 23-inch front wheel, a 6-speed transmission, 24-karat-gold springer front-end, chain and crown-shaped gas cap, lots of twisted steel and chrome accents, and gold-leaf engraving and airbrushed art iconic of the extreme luchador. More ultimate inspiring celebrity stories right in your inbox. Under his own name, the first debut he made was in the year 2000 in the “Thunder”.

“You don’t think about what you’re going to get out of helping people,” he said. "It's really sweet to look at. Success came one after the other starting from “The Alliance” in 2001, then “Billy and Chuck” in 2002 and “Full Blooded Italians” in 2003-04. When you finish a bike like you had pictured it in your mind and the customer sees it and is happy with it, that's your payoff … same thing, it feels great. Something as silly as a pant button or zipper can do some serious scratch work to your motorcycle’s tank.

Chuck Palumbo The Dude Jungle Jim Chuck Körpergröße 196 cm Kampfgewicht 127 kg Angekündigt aus Providence, Rhode Island San Diego, Kalifornien, USA: Trainiert von Paul Orndorff WCW Power Plant: Debüt 1998: Charles Ronald „Chuck“ Palumbo (* 15. One of his latest builds however was a charity bike that had nothing to do with his wrestling connections but tied in with his and his brother's service to our country. This move made him earn a training contract just six months after this event. “I don’t want to sound like a recruiting commercial, but the Navy got me on the right path as far as getting more organized and more disciplined,” he said. “At the time, I was building motorcycles in my garage as a hobby.

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