But it only requires California’s some 260 groundwater sustainability agencies (new organizations set up under the law, often made up of local water districts) to stabilize, not to increase, groundwater levels. Others flood farm fields when water is plentiful. California Nevada Drought Early Warning System, California Natural Resources Agency - California Water Action Plan, California Dept of Water Resources - Drought, California Dept of Food and Agriculture - Drought Resources, University of California Cooperative Extension, USDA Farm Service Agency California State Office, CNRFC - California Nevada River Forecast Center, CBRFC - Colorado Basin River Forecast Center, California Nevada Application Program (CNAP) RISA, Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (CASC), Bureau of Reclamation Lower Colorado Region, University of California Rangeland Drought Hub, Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes, Causes and Predictability of the 2011 to 2014 California Drought, NOAA California Drought 2014 Service Assessment, California-Nevada Drought & Climate Outlook Webinar - September 28, 2020, California-Nevada Drought & Climate Outlook Webinar - November 23, 2020, California-Nevada Drought & Climate Outlook Webinar - July 27, 2020, California-Nevada Drought & Climate Outlook Webinar - May 26, 2020, California-Nevada Drought & Climate Outlook Webinar - March 23, 2020, Establishing Meaningful Drought Partnerships with Tribal Nations, California-Nevada Drought & Climate Outlook Webinar - November 25, 2019, Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook for the Western Region - September 2020, Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook for the Western Region - June 2020, Short-term dryness slowing planting, growth of crops, Voluntary water-use restrictions requested, Widespread water shortages or restrictions, Exceptional and widespread crop/pasture losses, Shortages of water creating water emergencies. Here, on 280 acres of terrain he calls Popelouchum - paradise in the Native American language of the Mutsun people - he is trying to create a new variety of grape that will, among other things, stand up to climate change. A biologist, economist, engineer and geologist walk onto a bar…. After a lot of time on the phone with vintners and climate experts, I took to the highway during the second week of August to see what was happening in the vineyards. According to the Oklahoma Mesonet, for the period from January 1 to August 18, southwestern Oklahoma had experienced more than 30 days with temperatures exceeding 100° F. Elsewhere in the region, improvements were made in areas of Abnormally Dry (D0) in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee in response to showers and thunderstorm activity during the past week. 16, 2020 , 9:00 AM. Here the Rhone Ranger is a lone ranger, growing genetically diverse European vines, some of them obscure, with the goal of breeding thousands of new grape varieties.

David Simeral, Western Regional Climate CenterRichard Heim, NOAA/NCEI. It had been a while since I traveled the Napa Valley wine trail, and I'd forgotten how beautiful it is.

Jason took me to the top of a hill at Tablas where Grenache and Syrah were planted about 15 years ago. These impacts will be somewhat dampened because recent years have not been terribly dry, so there is more soil moisture and groundwater. In the San Joaquin Valley, deep irrigation wells lowered groundwater levels—already 250 meters below the surface in places—putting it out of reach of shallower wells that provided thousands of people with drinking water. Change ). But if the wines of California's future are from Southern Europe, I'm OK with that. In terms of precipitation, there is a moderate-to-high probability of above-normal precipitation across parts of the West including the Great Basin and areas of the Intermountain West including Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Not surprisingly, such prospects worry farmers across the state, says Chris Scheuring, a water lawyer with the California Farm Bureau Federation. They can be lighter and go better with the chicken, fish and produce that are the essence of California cuisine. For decades, some water districts have filled dedicated ponds in wet years so that the water percolates into the ground. New studies probe two ways to fight climate change, Ocean’s hidden heat measured with earthquake sounds, Global efforts to protect biodiversity fall short, Trials begin for a new weapon against Parkinson's: light, Pandemic inspires push to shrink jails, prisons, American Association for the Advancement of Science. Nobody knows for sure, but as far back as 2011, a Stanford University study predicted that the amount of Northern California land suitable for growing premium grapes could shrink by half as early as 2040, because of increased heat.

Reducing pressure on groundwater isn’t easy or quick. By the third and fourth dry years, ecosystems and human water supply systems go from straining to breaking.

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