Celebrating US National Parks (25th). 1998 | 1999 Pencho Slaveykov’s 150th birthday (27th) (Bulgaria). Doodle 4 Google 2016 - US winner (21st) Holika Festival 2016 (22nd) ICC - New Zealand v Pakistan (22nd) Holi Festival 2016 (24th) Klavdiya Shulzhenko’s 110th birthday (24th) Storyboards version of this doodle. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson’s 180th Birthday (9th). Rene Laennec’s 235th Birthday (17th) (Selected Countries), Tamaki Miura’s 132nd Birthday (22nd) (Japan), Lantern Festival 2016 (22nd) (Hong Kong, China), Lantern Festival 2016 (22nd) (Selected Countries), Draginja Ljočić Milošević’s 161st Birthday (22nd) (Serbia), Maria Erika Olofsdotter Kruukka’s 150th Birthday (22nd) (Sweden), Lesya Ukrainka’s 145th Birthday (25th) (Ukraine), Dominican Republic National Day 2016 (27th) (Dominican Republic), Leap Year 2016 (29th) (Selected Countries), Version 1. Hidetsugu Yagi’s 130th Birthday-This doodle only appears while searching on Google. A Google page displays all the winning doodles. Amrita Sher-Gil’s 103rd Birthday (30th) (Selected Countries).
Come August 9 this year, local student James Rotanson's entry for the first Doodle 4 Google contest will be front and center on the Google Singapore homepage as the nation celebrates National Day. Describing the genesis of her doodle in a Google blog post on Monday, Johnson said her drawing conveys both her childhood and her reflections on our society: One of the most powerful companies in the technology industry, Google also has a sense of whimsy. She has a gift for this.". 2016 Hockey World Championship Finals | Google Doodles Wiki | Fandom. Congratulations to the National Winner; of the year, Divyanshi Singhal. Google has awarded the top prize in this year's doodle contest to a teen whose artwork conveys her "Afrocentric life.

Phone | Public Data Explorer | Santa Tracker | Scholar | Science Fair | Settings | Shopping | Street View | Toolbar | Trends | Vevo | Video Quality Report | Voice | Webmasters | Web Toolkit, Former 48th Anniversary of first TV broadcasting of Les Shadoks (29th) (France) This doodle will only appear on the Home Page. See more ideas about Doodle for google winners, Doodle 4 google, Google doodles. Karl Landsteiner’s 148th birthday -This doodle only appears while searching on Google. Hertha Marks Ayrton’s 162nd birthday (28th) (Selected Countries). Search results can turn up so-called Easter eggs.
Discuss: Google doodle winner explores her 'Afrocentric life'.

Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s 127th Birthday (19th) (Selected Countries), José Alfredo Jiménez’s 90th Birthday (19th) (Mexico), Lola Flores’ 93rd Birthday (21st) (Selected Countries), Naguib El Rihani’s 127th Birthday (21st) (North Africa, Middle East). Lithuania Independence Day 2016 (16th) (Lithuania) This doodle only appears while searching on Google. Doodle 4 Google 2015 - New Zealand Winner, pan de toronto doodles google - Pesquisa Google, Eastern Elementary Arts and Humanities K-5. Defunct: Glass | Daydream, Platforms Sir Frederick Banting’s 125th Birthday (14th), Doodle 4 Google - Children's Day 2016 (14th) (India), Elisabeth "Ellis" Kaut's 96th Birthday (17th), Children's Day (20th) (Selected Countries), 100th Anniversary of “Pelo Telefone” (27th), Louisa May Alcott’s 184th Birthday (29th), Jagadish Chandra Bose’s 158th Birthday (30th), 30th Anniversary of Film “Kin-Dza-Dza!” (1st), 340th Anniversary of the Determination of the Speed of Light (7th), Abd al-Rahman Al-Sufi's (Azophi) 1113th Birthday (7th), 181st Anniversary of the Adler's First Run (7th), 105th Anniversary of First Expedition to Reach the South Pole (14th), 25th Anniversary of Independence Day of Republic of Kazakhstan (16th), Winter Solstice 2016 (Northern Hemisphere) (21st), Summer Solstice 2016 (Southern Hemisphere) (21st), Marko Vovchok’s (Mariya Vilinska) 183rd Birthday (22nd), Holidays 2016 (Day 1) Warm Climates (23rd), Holidays 2016 (Day 2) Warm Climates (24th), Holidays 2016 (Day 3) Warm Climates (25th), Charles Macintosh’s 250th Birthday (29th), Doodle 4 Google 2015 Doodle (September 2015 - March 2016).

475 Anniversary of Santiago City Foundation (12th) (Chile). Interesting visual effects, especially lightning …

For this year's contest, students can create a doodle that tells the world 'What makes me…me.'. Doodle 4 Google 2016 student winner pays tribute to her African heritage Washington, D.C. 10th grader says she wanted her artwork not … Halloween 2016 Google doodle games. Dia dos Namorados 2016 (12th) (Brazil) Version 1, Dia dos Namorados 2016 (12th) (Brazil) Version 2, Dia dos Namorados 2016 (12th) (Brazil) Version 3.

© CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. "No matter our differences, everyone is touched by art in some way.

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