Enrage Warrior was already taking over as a #1 deck.

Many of the HoF'd cards have since been surpassed by Descent of Dragons and Ashes of Outland, Update : Priestess of fury is going to hall of fame, The whole of Demon Hunter should be hall of famed tbh.

A big balance patch is scheduled for “early next week” (May 18). Yes! Buffs are not enough. After 5 years I am finally going to drop the game I am TIRED of wasting my time and money on cards when they just keep getting nerfed.. would u give me your account if u wont play anymore . Meh. Now with Sigil Runner being a 1/1 (so less early game pressure) and Priestess of Fury being so much easier easier to clear (the fact that a 5 attack minion can now kill her is big)… I think that DH might finally be where it should have been at the start with those nerfs.

Nerfs are okay but not enough either.

Another 2 DH cards nerfed, and it will still stay at the top, Thats cuz the nerfs have nothing to do with the broken effects of the cards, 6/7 minion on turn 5 that deals 6 damage EACH TURN is just bs, 6/5 minion with the same effects?? I know it's such a minor problem, but it's also such a minor fix to add some professional consistency that I would expect from Blizzard.

In fact, I feel like the nerfs to Warriors aren’t enough. Perhaps reducing the cost to 6 mana would do the trick? But changing the stats a bit leaves them viable, but just reduces their power level a bit (think of Evil Miscreant and Faceless Corrupter). Funny that this is actually true to some extent. … Additionally, one Wild card is getting a bug fix (Ethereal Conjurer, which previously caused the game state to lock). It's not like they have to hire a full-time writer on staff or something; just create some internal branding guidelines once, or bring on a summer intern to comb through all the card text. Once and done.

Please nerf Priestess of Fury already. I don’t think I have spent any money for over a year or more now.

Finally, Blizzard shows some love on Shaman. Except Crimson Sigil Runner.

Enrage Warrior is the only counter to DH, all the other decks has negative win-rate against DH.

Oh I didn't even remember Rag couldn't even attack.

Once you start playing LoR you’ll know how insanely generous that game is, and you’ll start to understand why Riot is what Blizzard could never be.

This would make her alot weaker. I would rather face down a rag than deal with that 6/7.

Hearthstone Database, Deck Builder, News, and more! For the nerf, hunter and especially warlock doesn’t need a nerf. The buff are ridicoulous simply remove all nerf for Dod galakrond shaman, if you want him viable, and flame totem again to 2 otherwise it’s still suck. In my opinion Priestess of Futy is far more powerful and oppresive than Antean.

More posts from the hearthstonecirclejerk community, Continue browsing in r/hearthstonecirclejerk. I know inconsistent text is a meme, and it really doesn't impact the experience. I think he meant “why *did they make* Scavenger’s Ingenuity so much better than Call to Adventure”.

Don't give her the Succubus treatment though, that might summon Gozer. Priestess should just say “at the start of turn”... so you know..

The 8 nerfed cards (listed above) will be eligible for a full dust refund until June 1. I was hoping they would do that. after being left at 5 hp at turn 7, even though i played minion, heal myself whenever i can, and deal with his minions every turn, there was still little hope left in me that maybe just maybe he was out of direct face damaging cards and i can alexstraza myself on turn 9, then he plays this. More posts from the hearthstone community, For fans of Blizzard Entertainment's digital card game, Hearthstone, Press J to jump to the feed. Give it +3/+3.

Hearthstone is a free-to-play digital strategy card game that anyone can enjoy.

Disenchanted cards count as owned for the sake of duplicate protection.

Should give charge minions +6/+0 at the end of turn instead to maintain the flavor of the cars. It’s already not at the top.

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