I was never informed of where my call was in the queue.

But I thought Internode users were paying a "premium price for a premium service". Are you looking to learn more about the National Broadband Network?

LOL! But waiting for 30-45 minutes for an answer was bloody rediculous.Then there's the issues with having to email support, and being given a notification ticket, but still not hearing anything back from support a week later. NBN Customer Service/Contact and General Wait Times (edited), Re: NBN Customer Service/Contact and General Wait Times (edited).

its a transient issue today in particular, as far as I can see.Naturally its being looked into at the moment to try to identify the pattern - there aint any widespread outages per se', so its something more subtle than that.

and then Restore Factory Settings.

As is the router, because if I swap it to the second line it also works fine. I'm not with Node, so I can not comment on the times myself.But seriously, what is the point of complaining about a 90 minute hold time?

Due to a Telstra bug which has been around for at least four years, this required manual port resets for a large proportion of the customer base before services could be restored to them. Downloads for games onto the Xbox are generally fast enough however living rurally we cannot have the highest speeds here.

https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/Email-Complaint, https://say.telstra.com.au/customer/general/forms/contact-ceo-form. I'm quite sure if I had to call node, I wouldn't wnat someone who had no idea of Internode procedures, and were there only to troubleshoot. Edit: This was about a month ago during the high load on the helpdesk, I can confirm during the 20 minutes I spent on hold before finding this thread I. i think that you can press * and it will offer it to you... someone can correct me here.. There is a balance that you may need to find between blocking more spam, and the chance of blocking some messages (for example, from mailing lists) that you do wish to receive.

Emails are trackable.

where our entire Cisco LNS cluster (servicing all PPP customers on broadband) crashed (cascade failure- one went down, the others went out in sympathy).

:)It's unfortunate if email goes missing entirely (which, as mentioned, is a whole different issue in of itself) but please, spare a thought for those who will deal with your issue and arm them with enough detail so they can do their job.I've been a little frustrated myself with the delays and I will accept (for now) that the sudden upswing in sales (hell, the new singups for ADSL2+ alone must be a frighteningly large figure every month) is not helping. Get you call options internode to represent the type of issue the customer is having.

It's built into the charges we all pay, even if we don't ever call Node.Some businesses balance good service and an appropriate price. Username.

$50 is, considering what you get. I was never offered the option of a callback. When you have to wait on the phone for 60 mins or more for an enquiry, it does get on your nerves. they don't understand technology Some people do actually call a help desk looking for answers that have nothing to do with their knowledge of technology. Please be advised that the wait times can change significantly and immediately, without warning and therefore are not guaranteed. I figure the connection was just corroded or something and the unplug/plugin cleaned the contacts.Point is, it could be your line. It's really not good enough, and it is a shame that it's gotten this bad. The wizard will ask how your FRITZ!Box is connected to your telephone line.

At the moment it's easier to speak to a real person when contacting support at TPG (which has always had woeful service) than contacting internode.I spent over 50 minutes last night trying to get through.

ANZ call centre lol.. yep , i think is an excellent ad.

BTW HostGiant I have indeed spoken to the Golden Grove store here in SA.

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