Rutte was scheduled to address the nation on Monday evening to explain the unprecedented measures. Apparently the daily realization that you can get sick is not easy to sustain." In De Wallen, a locksmith is open, as are a few (mostly empty) bars and shops selling sex toys, whips, handcuffs and the odd latex dress. Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema is worried that the rapidly increasing number of coronavirus infections will result in a second "partial lockdown" in the city. The brothels are closed, the prostitution museum shut until further notice. Sjaak de Gouw, head of the Hollands Midden health board told broadcaster NOS that he expects the total number of infections in the Netherlands to be around 6,000, given the way the disease is spreading. This article is more than 1 month old. Credits: Andrea for design, Simon as webmaster. Amsterdam travel advice: Amsterdam is a destination visited by around one million Brits each year, Greece: FCO issue travel update as Greek island restrictions tighten, Amsterdam travel advice: Currently, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all but essential travel to the Netherlands, Portugal could be back on quarantine list next week, Holidays: UK in talks with Maldives to ease travel restrictions, Spain holiday HELL: Devastating fire breaks out in Costa del Sol, Amsterdam travel advice: Travellers must wear masks in airports, UK weather forecast: Atlantic storms to smash NEW areas over weekend, Jeremy Clarkson shares holiday arrest after being beaten by thugs. The Dutch government decided on Sunday to lockdown the country after holding crisis meetings, according to national broadcaster NOS.

This site uses cookies, in accordance with the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 10 of the Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Amsterdam, 6 of the Best Amsterdam Restaurants for Wine AND Food. Minister-president Mark Rutte wilde vooralsnog niets weten van een Nederlandse lockdown vanwege het coronavirus dat al 58 Nederlanders het leven heeft gekost. For eating out in the Netherlands, reservations must be made (either in advance or at the door) for restaurants, cafés and bars. “And I stopped counting after that,” says de Vries, sitting at a table on the edge of the red light district. Slob said: ‘It has become clear that it was impossible for many schools to remain open, as many teachers were already sick at home and because of safety risks. The number of coronavirus cases declared in the Netherlands in the past week were 3,588. “Fine: €95.”. Online sex work needs a good camera, a microphone, a strong internet connection – and a private space where you are not likely to be disturbed.

Nederland gaat ongemerkt in lockdown. A new influx of internet sex workers could also make life more difficult for those already in the online business. If you are travelling to or from the Netherlands by air you must complete a health screening form and have it ready to show on request during your journey, whether you are at the departure airport, on the aircraft or at the arrival airport.

But in practice, many sex workers do not qualify for the new subsidies because of the way they were registered with tax authorities before the crisis. © 2020 DutchNews | website by Vindustries. Privacy.

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