Input includes hard work, skills, and enthusiasm. i. (1989). Should a Manager Be Considered a Stakeholder? iii.

At the theory’s core is the cognitive process of how an individual processes the different motivational elements.

Understanding the role of equity theory in professional environments can be helpful when you want to ensure that your team feels properly motivated and appreciated for their work.
As a result, managers must monitor their direct reports’ earnings, discuss this with their superiors, assess efficacy, and provide intangible rewards (such as recommendations, gratitude, authority, new projects, etc.). Are you trying to put one into effect but don't know where to start?

It will also serve as a guide for further researches.

Organizational behavior and human performance, 4(2), 176-211. They also recognize that people have needs. For example, one of your team members may have come from a company that didn’t recognize their work. When employees believe that the workplace is unfair, they grow to distrust organizational leadership. This project work seeks to investigate the impact of the application of equity theory in sustaining organizational productivity using Guinness Nigeria Plc as a … According to Locke and Latham, the effectiveness of goal setting can be explained by two aspects of Temporal Motivation Theory (TMT): the principle of diminishing returns and temporal discounting. © 2020. The principle of Equity Theory lies in the sense of motivation through seeming fairness. Behaviorist B. F. Skinner also worked in the 1960s to understand how reinforcement works. First, make sure all of your staff know how often you will perform salary reviews.

BrightHR is smart software that transforms your people management. Managers should track performance so that employees can see how effective they have been in attaining their goals. Eventually, the feeling of inequity began to come back as I began to recognize more and more inequitable things happening, from my perception. Creating and maintaining equity is a responsibility of all managers. THE APPLICATION OF EQUITY THEORY IN SUSTAINING ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE, (A STUDY OF GUINNESS NIGERIA PLC, BENIN CITY). 276-299). Applied Social Psychology (ASP). The issue of how best to improve productivity had always been at the center burner in organization theory and practice since the onset of management learning. Put in plain English, this refers to what one of your staff “puts in” to their job. How do I Improve Employee Performance Through Leadership?

Managers create a productive work environment by communicating job requirements clearly and establishing fair and consistent performance objectives for all employees. The areas of application may include: systems analysis, management, and training and performance improvement. However, if this information applies to you and you consider it objectively, it will make you better in the long run as a leader just like bitter medicine does.

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