I’d say the rind has a hint of bitter to it.

Just be careful when you cut into those lemons! She studied business at the University of Phoenix. And it really needs to be taken in context. Perhaps you have seen the map of the tongue that indicates certain tastes are detected on certain spots on the tongue, but this archaic theory has been debunked for decades. What do you think of the answers?

Bite one!

Lemon peel/rind has a bitterness to it.

Bitter. More bitter vegetables and herbs have higher health qualities such as stimulating the stomach lining to promote better digestion.

And the usual phrases are "Bitter lemons" and "Sour grapes.". Sour taste is indicative of acidity. 'Sour' tends to indicate decay.

A third hypothesis involves the incorrect cultural labeling of typically sour foods as bitter, as in the case of bitter lemon. It has a host of benefits such as detoxifying the body and aiding weight reduction while providing antibiotic, anti-parasitic and antiseptic qualities. Coffee not good. but if you dont cut it up and roll it on a surface with a firm hand, they will turn bitter as the juice from the peel reverses into the pulpets. Or juiced the seeds. if they make bagel bites, why don't they make bagel  bits and bagel bigs? They don't taste quite the same as they do when you mix their juice with sugar and water. Eat Taste Heal: The Six Tastes, Our Roadmap to Optimal Nutrition, Vivo: Colorado State : Physiology of Taste, Science Daily: Biologists Discover How We Detect Sour Taste. Maybe they ate a seed.

In 2008 Voight's six-word memoir was included in the "New York Times" bestselling book "Not Quite What I Was Planning." I think Lawrence Durrell would have been in the “bitter” camp; what with his memoir of his time in Cyprus in the 1950s, Bitter Lemons. Both fruits are acidic and sour, but lemons tend to be sweeter, while limes have a more bitter flavor. Miraculin makes sour things taste sweet; lemons under its influence were very citrusy, not bitter at all. how long do you leave a grape in your mouth before it disintegrate?

The protein that detects sour tastes helps humans keep from ingesting spoiled or unripe foods. There both bitter & sour depends on how you refer to them. Base if off the kind of face you make after taking a bit out of it. Some of the benefits of this particular taste include cleansing tissues in the body and increasing your body's ability to absorb minerals.

Miraculin makes sour things taste sweet; lemons under its influence were very citrusy, not bitter at all. These foods aid in digestion, circulation and waste elimination.

Lemons by themselves are sour.

And the usual phrases are "Bitter lemons" and "Sour …

I’d ask if lemons were bitter or sour- all the black kids and some of the white ones would say bitter. Mind you, he came out with some distinctly weird stuff …. If anything, I think the secondary characteristic of lemons (after sour) is sweetness - they do contain plenty of sugar.

Kate Nash has lyrics in her song about eating lemons and being bitter, but I thought lemons were sour, not bitter.

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