But, after a sad recollection from the old man of his death nephew's attempt to bring back the clan, he showed them a secret passage underneath the desk. While the stormtroopers ran down the hall in a poor attempt to find this new threat, Zala met up with a rescue party, consisting of a kiffar woman, Sanctius Thorne, and once again Coci. The Freedom would defeat the Justice and damage it beyond repair during the battle, because Kira is angry over what he thinks is Athrun's indifference to Cagalli's emotional distress.. After their battle, Athrun would be brought back to the Minerva, and the Destroy Gundam appears. Athrun Zala is a retired Commodore in the Imperial Navy, previously serving as Commanding Officer of the Third Group of the 4th Imperial Fleet. Zala also ran into Lindgart again, the Jedi who had saved him before, and who he was beginning to see in a different light.

Somewhere between the firefight and escaping, the Baron let him know that the delivery, which was a modified weapon, was a ruse.

An anzat by the name of Jan`ru Shara, an equally dangerous and suspicious sentient as far as Zala was concerned, presented the Imperial with a datapad outside the Imperial Dojo on Coruscant.

He hadn't expected him to send someone else, though was not above using Zala as a hostage to bring him there.

Athrun is 17/18 years old in 71 CE. As if that wasn't bad enough, Jadin wanted his help in assassinating a group of ambassadors enroute to deal with two squabbling companies ready to go to war, because the man believed it was a ruse to tip the balance of power.

They were left to rest in the pilot's ship while the rescue team went over the crates of cargo in the cargo hold. Frustrated with their lack of success, the scientists decided to try an experiment; they combined the DNA of an unknown anzat with Zala's DNA. He went through many rigorous training exercises, as well as many tests of mental ability. Athrun met his fiance, Kira Ai Yamato, when he was only 7 years old. The elder man wasted no diplomatic effort on his son, suggesting, or commanding, that he join the Rebellion.

Obviously the prisoner had planned his escape, making it easier to plan theirs.

He is followed close behind by friends, Jedi, and other curious individuals interested in the mysterious force cult that presides on Alkarin.

He went off to join his best friend, working with him on various trading and delivery jobs. http://holocron.swcombine.com/index.php?title=Athrun_Zala&oldid=89074, Galactic Empire: 3rd Group CO, Jedi Order: Explorer Corps CO, [E-3] Crewman First Class: Year 9 Day 196, [E-6] Staff Flight Sergeant: Year 10 Day 7, [E-7] Master Flight Sergeant: Year 10 Day 77, [E-8] Chief Flight Sergeant: Year 10 Day 230, [O-2] Lieutenant Junior Grade: Year 11 Day 153, [O-4] Lieutenant Commander: Year 11 Day 307, Assigned to 3rd Imperial Fleet - Year 9 Day 162, Assigned as 3rd Imperial Fleet Executive Officer - Year 11 Day 238, Assigned as 3rd Imperial Fleet Commanding Officer - Year 11 Day 265, 4th Imperial Fleet, 3rd Group Commanding Officer - Year 12 Day 32, Assigned as Art Team Graphics Assistant - Date Unknown, Assigned as Explorer Corps Commanding Officer -. Between Coci recognizing the zabrak as her friend Deripor and ordering Thorne to stand down, and Zala demanding answers from the stubborn zabrak while he held a pair of thermal detonators, a brief moment of chaos ensued.

Nobody will question the death of an Anzat scum which helped pirates destroy Imperial property." So he left with his father, leaving his mother and sister behind. After suffering an assault from Rey, the three defected ZAFT Soldiers were aided by Ledonir Kisaka and Rusty Mackinzie, soldiers of ORB.

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