Thank you for helping me demystify the mysterious cute animal that I saw the other day in my front yard. The white-tailed deer is a native species to North America. When I see them trying to chew an acorn, ‘Scrat’ from the Ice Age movies comes to mind immediately! Each spring New Jersey is host to the largest concentration of shorebirds in North America. They can dig up your backyard looking for food and will frequent around garbage areas looking for discarded food. Trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants provide food and cover for wildlife. They are truly gorgeous little creatures and if you have some living in your backyard, then consider that a real treat. But there was enough light to see the skunk’s amazing feather duster tail which shimmered beautifully in the moonlight. Ponds provide watering sites for birds and mammals and provide breeding sites for many reptiles and amphibians.

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I read some blogs of American ex-pats, and am now reading of ex-pats who came to America.

Haha, I grew up in Tenafly! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thanks again and have a good day in this beautiful peaceful land! He also noted that a duckling and a rabbit were missing, but the later Facebook post said all animals had been accounted for. US Squirrel close up. Landscaping for Wildlife - Shrubs - 824.7KBInformation about creating scrub-shrub habitat in your backyard. What a surprise! What I didn’t know was what a beautiful animal skunks are to look at. These are animals that are little known to most Australians except for the fact they can squirt some unpleasant liquid at you when frightened.

As they hibernate during winter, it won’t be until spring time e.g. There is also little to no need for pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Don’t get too close to its rear end!

“Our animals are very shaken and skittish compared to their normal calm and relaxed nature, and our mini horse has signs of physical abuse,” Abma told the Daily Voice.

A Sunday Facebook post from the farm’s owners explained that the culprits weren’t just endangering the animals. By providing habitat, even in small spaces, you can have an impact and help to reverse their decline.

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Your California Privacy Rights Here is another favorite subject of animation movies: chipmunks. They provide cover and breeding sites for ground nesting birds and small mammals including chipmunks and white-footed mice. Among all the animals you can raise in a backyard farm, rabbits, chickens, quail, ducks, honey bees, and tilapia are going to be your easiest animals to raise. Here are several files that are available for download. Even though this is another beautiful looking animal, this one is the scourge of urban neighbourhoods in New Jersey. Photo © ExpatAussieInNJ. A raccoon at a local wildlife park in New Jersey. “After a concerned party alerted us to the snapchat, we caught two other trespassers stealing – when we called the police, the two fled the scene,” the Facebook message read. You may see this majestic animal, often in small groups, wandering in and out of New Jersey back yards. Chipmunks are very wary of predators, tending to dart nervously around edges of buildings and in between cracks and are hence hard to capture in a photo. Photo © ExpatAussieInNJ.

Photo © ExpatAussieInNJ. Animals can kick, rear up, and trample you. I have just moved in Oakland, NJ. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Even though this is another beautiful looking animal, this one is the scourge of urban neighbourhoods in New Jersey. New Jersey Wildlife: Seven furry friends from the backyard. Monarch nectaring on an autumn beauty sunflower in a backyard wildflower meadow.
They are found in both forested environments and savanna plains. Photo by Dan and Lin Dzurisin, courtesy of Wikimedia commons. Ponds provide watering sites for birds and mammals and provide breeding sites for many reptiles and amphibians. Photo by Risssa, courtesy of Wikimedia commons. LIFE IN NEW JERSEY: Now that it’s spring, it’s a perfect time to see close-up, some of the best examples of New Jersey wildlife, without even leaving your own backyard. Landscaping for Wildlife - Brush Pile - 606.0KBInformation on how to create a brush pile for wildlife. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Gwenne Baile, a South Jersey-based advocate for backyard chickens, answers questions at a lecture in Cherry Hill, April 26, 2015.

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