State laws apply to how a license plate frame must look and fit to a vehicle. Some states, like Utah, require license plates to be readable from at least 100 feet away during the day. One 4-hole chrome plated metal license plate frame. Ohuhu Aluminum Slim License Plate Frames, 10 Find out more about this product, including the latest price, here: A true hero, this frame fights off rust, salts and other environmental contaminants, to retain its beautiful matte look. We curate, you discover! At just $9.19, the Indeedbuy 2017 Newest 2 Pcs 4 Holes Stainless Steel Black License Plate Frame is the best license plate frame for budget-friendly buyers who don’t want to sacrifice quality for price. This item can be used on all types of vehicles, from cars to trucks and trailers. It also helps they’re made of quality stainless steel that doesn’t rust, meaning they’re quite sturdy and durable, ideal for long-term protection. Take some time to check out the regulations that apply to you before you buy one of these accessories. products you will love. Coming from a well-known brand, this frame delivers everything you’re looking for in an exceptional quality frame. has a huge collection of personalized and decorative license plate frames waiting for you to add a special touch to your car. This Cruiser Accessories frame lets you carry a bit of a tropical island with you wherever you go. Karoad PCS Stainless Steel Car License Plate Covers, 9 Although all of the products featured on our list are of good quality and we’re sure that no matter which one you choose you’ll be satisfied, we’ve created a guide on things to look for when buying license plate frames in case you need more information on how to pick a good plate holder. Take advantage of this moment to clean the oft-neglected area of the car that’s behind the plate. Rightcar Solutions Flawless Silicone License Plate Frame - Rust-Proof. The premium quality of this product keeps it free from corrosion and scratches. has a huge collection of personalized and decorative license plate frames waiting for you to add a special touch to your car. Being stainless steel, this frame will protect your license plate from corrosion and rust, so even if your car is frequently parked outside, the frame should stay intact for years to come. Place the washers in position and insert the screws. You can then put it back on the car once you’re done with the rest of your cleaning.

This is because some frames impair a law enforcement officer’s ability to read the essential information on the plate. To make it even easier, we have broken these down into four main categories of two-screw, four-screw, ‘bling’ and novelty. Start by cleaning your license plate. Carefully slide the bottom edge of your license plate into the frame. If you happen to like an item that is sold individually, you can always order two of the same. All four edges are made smooth so as to protect your hands from cuts.

Slim, sleek and simple, the design of this license plate frame is perfect for folks who love the good old basics but wrapped in a new and stylish packaging. H C Hippo Creation 1 Pack Handcrafted Black Crystal Premium Stainless Steel Bling License Plate Frame 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,844. It will be important for you to ensure whatever design you choose doesn’t go against your state’s regulations, though. The license plate frame features four … A great feature about this product is that its front and back are both polished, making it even more attractive. This is a great option for the minimalist who wants to make a statement without making too much fuss. Material: Zinc die-cast metal plated with show chrome.

The dimensions are standard, 6 x 12″, so it’s perfect for most U.S. vehicles. A good two-hole or four-hole option should offer sufficient support for the license plate’s bottom. You’ll find polished mirror finishes, black powder coating, black pearl, or brushed stainless steel — and everything in between. We love the look and we love the durability. Oh, and we also love the anti-theft cap — certainly needed for frames this fly. Find and follow us on your favorite social network from those below!

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