He was replaced by Christian Benbennek. [56][57][58][59][nb 5].

They smashed shop windows and windscreens of police vehicles with stones, and left a trail of destruction in the city center.

[38][34] The upper tier of elite clubs had privileged access to talents within designated geographical and administrative regions and permission to draw on the best players in the country. Many political leaders took a keen interest in football and used their connections and resources to promote their favorite team and boost the prestige of their region or organization.

The DFB governs the use of championship stars and a club must have that governing body's approval before displaying any such badge. [3][39] However, BFC Dynamo would be able to recruit talents from across East Germany. [131][228] One of those involved in the assault on French policeman Daniel Nivel during the 1998 FIFA World Cup had connections to the hooligan scene of BFC Dynamo.

[9] One fan of 1.
[10] FC Vorwärts Berlin was sponsored by the National People's Army and 1.

[259] They eventually took matters into their own hands and emblazoned their jerseys with three stars. [175][157] Skinhead fashion was now considered the most provocative outfit.

- Warum ein Ostberliner in der nordirischen Kurve steht", "Buchreihe "Fußballfibeln": Ich wohne in der Zone! [9] One of the first big supporter groups of BFC Dynamo was Black Eagles. [206][193] While combat boots and bomber jackets were now common at many places in East Germany, some supporters of BFC Dynamo wanted to differentiate themselves. "Hooligans in der DDR: "Danach zoger wir brandschatzend durch Ostberlin, "Berliner Derbys: Mielkes verrückte Enkel", "Der Tag, an dem Hooligans Leipzig terrorisierten - Bisher schwerste 'Fußball'-Krawalle im Osten", "Ausnahmezustand in Leutzsch: Als in Leipzig ein Fußballfan erschossen wurde", "So lief alles ab: Die Krawalle von Leipzig und der Tod des Mike P.", "Krawalle bei Fußballspiel fordern einen Toten", "Gedenken an Mike Polley: BFC plant Fanmarsch zum Gastspiel bei Chemie Leipzig", "Hooligans wüteten in Rostock: Plünderungen und Straßenschlachten", "Nicht nur Rostock erschrak über Fußballkrieg: Polley schon vergessen? New shots were fired by the police, but no one was injured. Hansa Rostock in March 1991. BFC Dynamo petitioned the league to have their East German titles recognized, but received no reply. and "Who should be our Führer? [132][135][136][137], SC Dynamo Berlin played its first seasons at the Walter-Ulbricht-Stadion in Mitte.

Make sure your information is up to date.

You did that and for some of them, their whole world just fell apart". [157] Despite cheering for a club connected to the Stasi, supporters of BFC Dynamo were not true to the line. In 1990, the side was renamed FC Berlin in an attempt to distance it from its past. [16][13][17][nb 3] SG Volkspolizei Dresden soon became a dominant side in East German football and was reformed as SG Dynamo Dresden in 1953. [175][176][177] There were punks, rockers, hippies and a few early skinheads. These ten football clubs and SG Dynamo Dresden were designated as focus clubs, so-called Schwerpunktclubs. [206][193][224] Supporters without tickets stormed the Ostseestadion and there were fights with supporters of F.C. [147][163] The Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Stadion has a capacity of 19,708 spectators as of 2020. The team played its first match for SC Dynamo Berlin on 21 November 1954 against BSG Rotation Babelsberg. [213], The situation peaked during a match between FC Sachsen Leipzig and FC Berlin on 3 November 1990. FC Union Berlin at the Stadion an der Alten Försterei in September 1990. Spieltag", "BFC Dynamo » Record against 1. [224] Riots at the train station after the match had to be suppressed with tear gas and water cannons. Starting with Andreas Thom being transferred to Bayer Leverkusen in December 1989, BFC Dynamo lost its best players to West German sides in the course of 1990–91.

", "SV Hafen Rostock ließ Oberliga-Spiel gegen FC Berlin platzen - Krawall-Angst!

The list includes players with 100 appearances for SC Dynamo Berlin and BFC Dynamo at professional level and who have also played for the national team.

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