(no wonder considering how many skill points we get at end game now… all builds look a bit alike) It’s also actually very close to what I would have done with my deputy build if I were to update it to level 70 (only significant difference would be I prefer crack shot to hot lead), Second: I agree with the others, moving from the Crapshooter to the Chronicler of Elpis would be beneficial. up to 50% gun damage the lower I am on health (very situational don’t you think?) You probably noticed that I was using Bottled Courage in a couple of the videos, but the build’s DPS was far better with Faster ‘n You, so I now use that instead. You wanted feedback, yet you answer people in the rudest of ways. The best way to use this skill tree is by combining it with Fan the Hammer.

He’s tested many variants of everything from skill setups to equipment (class mods, weapons, oz kits, etc), and this Jakobs setup he has is the highest DPS output one that I’ve seen.
I’ve seen your video and I think your build with Jakobs is good, I’ts just ive tested your build vs mine and I like my build better, yours is also really the only other similar build to mine that I’ve seen posted and while i do think its very good there are just a few things with your build that could be better. The base damage increase more than makes up for the crit bonus you are losing.

Solid weapon selection (although, if you really want to push it, a Doc’s prefix on the flayer would be a better choice than the rustler’s you have. Personal preferences at work here

Zarpedon i know your getting “more” stuff, but that’s not always necessarily better.

Unchained, Trick Shot and Hat Lead are increased by High Rollin’ Crap Shooter COM. While going on a rampage, you don’t really have to waste time on ADS which is exactly where Snap Shot comes in. I realize Eclipse/EOS aren’t a benchmark, i only used them as a way to show just how strong the build is, so if it can do that to them, obviously it wrecks everything else.

Another good thing about this character is her melee attack which is more like a medium ranged attack. So please don’t come in here and try to act like your builds just like mine, because most of you people with your half baked builds and suggestions have no idea what your talking about.

At first, the dog showed no strange signs, but during o…

I must say this build synergizes well with jakobs weaponary.
The two of them were inseparable, until the dog was bitten by a frenzycrutch.

Lol, I don’t claim any ownership though. It was the golden standard at the time.

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