When you deal with Deadlift, you'll want to arm some form of sniper rifle.

Look for the "IC 57" stamp and carefully place the letters around the "IC", namely the "D" and the "K" to spell "DICK". You'll see a ramp you can walk up.

Maybe have one of your ground troops keep an eye out for them and kill them before they can severely hurt you. Remember the quest in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel where you call Nel a dick? That wraps up my guide on fighting the secret boss, Nel, in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. He's in Regolith Range, specifically the area you go to after beating Deadlift. At the start of the game, you'll run across a side quest where you meet a Scav named Nel, and have the honor of calling him a "Dick" (per a dead man's final request). You have to kill all the enemies before you can kill Nel. He will start running, just follow him.

ZiggyD Gaming 448,670 views. Oh man, i loved the Skullmasher in Borderlands 1, totally gonna get this one no matter how long it takes xD, The first thing you need to know is the location of Nel. Now head back down to the IC 57 sign and you'll see 2 spots to put the letters. However, you can take it a step further. about

Level 50 Boss Farming - IWAJIRA (& Loot Grinder Action!)

Have fun fighting over that one.

Once he's finished, you'll access the Nukem, a superb Legendary Rocket Launcher. You'll want to keep firing at these spots with a precision weapon, such as a rocket launcher (if you have the ammunition) or a sniper rifle. He's got good range with his flame throwers, so, like with Deadlift, the best tactic is to stick and move. Flame Knuckle is a slow-moving but powerful boss, a guy in a robot suit that really, really, really likes to shoot flames at everyone. One player, however, figured out how to one-shot it right back. The enemies, including Nel, are in the level 21-29 range when playing normal and 47-50 range when playing True Vault Hunter Mode. Now we have tips for dealing with the game’s tricky bosses, starting with the first. Do a double jump to the platform above, this one is hard to get. Once you chip away at Deadlift enough, use the jump pads to find more ammunition, then keep using your sniper rifle and power weapons. The first is the head of the guy piloting Flame Knuckle, who sits firmly in the middle in the front (in a surprisingly vulnerable spot – ever hear of armor? To really upset him, you have to spell out Dick right in front of him. For good measure, you'll snag a legendary sniper rifle called the Chikamin Skullmasher for your trouble. It stacks too, leading to a potentially outrageous amount of damage in one blow if you save it up for the right moment. It is where the character arrow is. While slow and sturdy, Flame Knuckle is capable of charging along with shooting his flames, so you'll want to avoid close range attacking if you can, as he's likely to mow you down quickly.

The "K" is located across the cavern, in front of the building with the satellite on it.

You also need to be careful at where you kill him, because on time I killed him, he dropped the sniper right off the cliff and I couldn't get it. To contact the author of this post, write to [email protected] or find him on Twitter @vahn16. Once he gets into position, he will summon enemies to that location.

The legendary sniper he drops is called Skullmasher and it fires a spray like a shotgun.

The main bosses are considerably tougher than most enemies, and may require special strategies to defeat.

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