According to the legend, Medusa had one power no one before beat; she had a petrifying look. Remember Narcissus, who enjoyed spending his days admiring his own reflection in the lake that was like a mirror to him. It could be warm or cold. The shield was made of copper. Each person has a self perception of themselves that may not fit the way that the rest of the world sees them and if you perceive yourself as generally less attractive than those around you then this might be the reason that you are seeing yourself breaking mirrors in your dreams. I lay back down on my couch and fell back to sleep then was woken I don't know how much longer by the mirror actually falling from the wall onto the floor from above the fireplace it smashed my ornaments which were on the mantle but the mirror did not smash it was intact (what does this mean, Seems like precognition to me....very interesting.
Thanks a lott...for telling mee all this.. Mirrors have been seen since people discovered them and started to use them, as the symbol of wisdom, morals, creative power, divine intelligence the object that can reflect the truth, sincerity, and knowledge, but also beauty, and innocence. If a mirror gets broken, all those thoughts, actions, beings and entities of energy that dwell on the ‘other side’ could pass through it and enter our world. Yes, back in the past, this was a secret knowledge, pretty much as alchemists’ secrets. Find out what fortune get in store for you, A guide to fortune-telling with playing cards, The Numerology will Discover inner secrets, Everything Astrology minded should know about Horoscopes, Free natal chart, based on personal birth date and it's interpretation, Understanding of Planet appears in Horoscope, Brief description of the 12 Houses of the Birth Chart, Restricted area to an enlightened minority of supernatural minded individuals, Interpreting the definition of celestial bodies, their characteristics and activities, Proverbs and sayings from all over the world with many right points. It is a recognizable symbol of romantic failure. Friday is a very inauspicious day for breaking a mirror, considering it is related to falling apart of your plans. + qs; Throughout the history and throughout cultures of the world, people have been searching for efficient ways of removing the ‘curse’ of a broken mirror. Pieces of the mirror are collected into a black bag, tightly closed by three knots. Okay, but what about the most popular seven-years-of-misery belief? Otherwise, it will suffer various troubles later in life, and this belief is even more expanded in other countries. I had a dream I was being held captive and I went to the bathroom and saw the mirror - it was dirty and old (so was the bathroom) and I thought about breaking the mirror and using a piece of glass as a weapon to get out. Why would they do so; because brass was cheaper? The mirror gives us a reflection of our identity, looking in the mirror, creating a large part of the picture of ourselves, giving us the chance to see ourselves from the outline, from the other angle. This is a list of signs believed to bring bad luck according to superstitions: . The poem describes the life of a young woman growing older as she looks into her mirror. This is neither a story about Narcissus nor the lake, but about men made mirrors. For example, the greatest producers and exporters of mirrors during fifteenth and sixteenth century Europe were venetians. The world behind the mirror is a reflection, the ‘other’ in contrast to ourselves and yet, not our opposition as such. Copyright В© 2021 GotoHoroscope, all rights reserved.
It is something unconscious, parallel and both out and inside us. Her eyes were lethal to all of her opponents. After the time goes out, they would throw it away. Sometimes it happens that the mirror was of a great personal value. So, usage of the mirrors is not an easy game, but it can come handy, in times of need. Not like a human face, but a face that you can make out of glass. Mirrors have the ability to reflect not only neutralizes dangerous radiation from the depths of the Earth, but they also reflect the useful energy that comes from the Cosmos. Think about the famous Lewis Carroll’s story and Alice’s adventures behind the looking glass. Russians have a special ritual for getting rid of bad luck that a broken mirror could cause. There are claims that everything mirrored by the mirror can be emitted so that it works on our subconscious mind.

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