Raymond, Trevor S. "'They're all decent folk I suppose and friends of Mr. Sherlock Holmes': Twenty years ago: The Bootmaker's Fourth year."

Kegley, Jerry. "A Tale of Two Dinners: The BSI/Bash Scoop for 2003." The question before the assembled participants of the first Sunshine State Sherlockian Scion Symposium was provocative. Includes bibliographical references and index. Includes bibliographical references. 07B Sherlockians and the Societies -- The Societies -- The Baskerville Hall Club of Sweden (1). Diary of events in the lives of the Bootmakers of Toronto from November 23, 1993 to March 5, 1994. With irregular commentaries by Dee Alexander, Thayer Cumings, Basil Davenport, Elmer Davis, Robert K. Leavitt, Ronald Mansbridge, Kenneth McCormick, Frank V. Morley, James A. Morris, Vincent Starrett, and others besides. 2. Includes bibliographical references. 4. "Review--Aspects of Holmes III: A Study in Scotland, Scandic Crown Hotel, Edinburgh, 4-5 May 1995."

Since 2006, Baskerville Productions began work on a “Popeye & Friends” character trail of… Continue Reading, “We hired a hansom …” – The Adventure of the Naval Treaty (NAVA) Recently, we posted a HolmeWork Assignment asking about the 1997 DISI Award Medals, and Brad Keefauver, the 41st Garrideb, was quick to respond that DISI was the Downstate Illinois Sherlock Invitational that took place for two years, starting in 1996.

Contents include: Setting the Scene for 'Silver Blaze': Nineteenth-Century Art and Flat Racing / Candace Lewis; The Speculative Fun and Logical Games of 'Silver Blaze' / Roger Donway; The New York Silver Blazes / Art Levine ; 58.

The Serpentine Muse 22, no.

9. '...Still, the only person to outwit Sherlock Holmes would not be able to join the Speckled Band, which is the Sherlock Holmes Club that meets annually on Boylston Street. The Pleasant Places of Florida presents the Calendrical Canon with Holidays Holmesian. Founded in 1934, the BSI is the oldest Sherlockian society in the world.

"Report on the 2004 Autumn Members Meeting." Przybilka, Thomas.

G.K. Chesterton's Sherlock Holmes original illustrations : a facsimilie of the original unpublished drawings, (Baker Street Irregulars manuscript series). 5 (1997): 20. 07B Sherlockians and the Societies -- The Societies -- Great Herd of Bisons of the Fertile Plains (1). "Now that we Toronto Bootmakers have had a chance to view The Last Vampyre and The Eligible Bachelor, we can compare our reactions to the programs to those of expatriate Master Bootmaker Barbara Roden, who wrote these thoughts on the programs when they first were telecast in Britain.". The Ritual, no. 2nd printing, Dec. 2001 ed, (Bootmakers of Toronto occasional papers).

———. Baker Street Elementary – You Can't Have Any Puddi... Baker Street Elementary – Watson's Wound(s), Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License. Canadian Holmes 22, no. Meet the Bootmakers and the Friends of the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection. The Ritual, no. 40. 2 (1996): 26-28. Sherlock Holmes will be put under the magnifying glass during a three-day colloquium that begins today at the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association's clubhouse. Canadian Holmes 22, no. The face of the sculpture was based on that of Segar himself. 07B Sherlockians and the Societies -- The Societies -- Poor Folk Upon the Moor (1).

Canadian Holmes 26, no. 1 (1994): 49-50. 30. 1 (2002): 46-48.

"New York Without Snow: the Spring ASH Dinner 1997." The move commemorates the bank's 'association' with the detective, dating back to 1932, when Abbey's head offices moved to Baker Street and incorporated Holmes' fictional address of 211b. Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections Newsletter 2, no. "At first glance, the setting last night in Old Montreal might have been 221B Baker St., Sherlock Holmes's fictitious London address. [34] In 1957, the society unveiled a commemorative plaque for Sherlock Holmes near the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland, together with an American Sherlockian society, the Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota. "Few fictional characters divide audiences so passionately. That year, a few men were given honorary membership in the ASH.

American Libraries 29, no. 2 (1994): 37-44. 18. Speakers: Gayle T. Harris, past-pres., libn., Lib.

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