The first area is quite hectic. After some discussion we follow the botanist girl in pursuit of Ishi. First we get chased by about 5 or 6 cars but luckily the game gives us infinite ammo for the minigun. This lobby has three plantmen and a Newsbot (N21). Take out the four enemies on your walkway and use the elevator to go down. Also these enemies are too quick for kicking or leashing. Climbing charged obstacles will kill us. Before you start the campaign you have to decide on which difficulty to play. In this chapter there will be a lot of flytraps and Nom parasites. Shoot them and then leash them. Just repeatedly restart and you will get the Achievements/Trophies. Warning: Alter game files at your own risk and always make backups! Trishka opens the first door, immediately the troopers in there are ordered to open fire. This can only be done with the Headhunter, if we don't have the Headhunter equipped then we should do so by using the dropkit. In the very first area on the ship, just after the opening cutscene, a door malfunctions with a semi-circular red light flashing. No, not quite. As Dead Echo began to sink into the life of pilfering piracy, Ishi alone remained the voice of reason. In Act 4 Chapter 1 Trishka tries to make an escape. The giant wave hit us, we're washed up, and apparently the whole affair was rather shitty. Spray them with the minigun. We have to accompany him to the medstation. A kickable door is at the end of the sewers. Shortly after this we end up at a kickable piece which we can use to make a pancake out of a couple of burnouts. If you dont see this, go back to the barrier and let Trishka catch up to you. Assuming she is following us we can proceed to kill the enemies on the other side of the waterwheel. In this area the general runs to a wall and opens a shaft. More reinforcements downstairs which we can take out at our leisure. Filming & Production

One miniboss will follow us up there. Proceed to the first floor of the next building. Press the button and take out the next four enemies. She agrees to work with Grayson and Ishi under the condition that they rescue Sarrano. Down the stairs and round a few corners then take out the enemies in this room. Next we arrive at a lever that operates an elevator.

Head to the town square and meet Trishka. Naturally this is a critical event. It is like the game is trying to tell us something. This area is followed by an upward ramp which takes us to an area for a boss fight. Once we clear the yard we climb the stairs to go to the other side of the facility. Simply leash all of them into the electrical pole.

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