I cannot speak on picking it up from a local vending machine, as I had mine delivered, but I have seen videos of it posted online. But the car was still brought to me. Their description is that they can arrange to meet somewhere within the local market, I wonder if anyone has ever experienced going to meet for a vehicle delivery and them not having the car (or, something else weird happening, or, if you've refused a car due to some problem, what that was like).

I'd suggest looking through reviews and watching a few videos on Youtube of people who have both picked up from vending machines and had their cars delivered. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Has anyone had that experience and what was it like? Every car is Carvana Certified. what would be the purpose of driving a large delivery truck to meet up with you without having a car to give you when you have to sign for it first?). To my understanding, a 3rd party company brings the car (along with tons of other Carvana cars) to you if you're outside Carvanas delivery zone. I think you call Carvana or they call you to figure out why and what to do, but I'm not sure on that route. FWIW the car I'm interested in looks like it was probably already purchased and returned (Carfax shows someone registered it in December, drove it ~100 miles, and now it's for sale again; of course it could always be that the original owner moved states and then traded it in...ah Carfax). Carvana offers consumers an entirely at-home, online car shopping platform with more than 25,000 vehicles available with virtual, 360-degree tours, inside and out. Reading some of the stories here, I feel lucky. Because either my memory is incorrect or it costs $250 to get the car returned via truck, if you signed for it and the delivery truck is gone that is. The problem again comes if you decide not to accept or return the car within the 7 days.

If you decide to go with another car, they will just switch them out at that time.

I actually posted a review just a few minutes before you posted this! But this sub is full of people who bought their cars off Carvana and have had deliveries, good and bad, so I'm sure you'll find tons of helpful information. Does Carvana actually have lots/facilities in all of the 'local markets'? Highest quality cars.

So, while it's exactly what I want in a car, I wonder if a purchaser spotted something wrong ;-). The process for the initial purchase was smooth and hassle free. The car does come on a large delivery truck.

A place for Carvana reviews, experiences, complaints, and discussion. Purchase was completed up to delivery and 7 day trial on July 12th, and the car was delivered on the 22nd. All vehicles are available for home delivery, as well as the peace of mind of a 7-day return policy. Okay neat. Press J to jump to the feed. But this is also why they allow test drives, so you can see it for yourself and if somethings wrong before signing it and calling it yours.

They worked with me a lot and I am satisfied with my purchase and the customer service I received. Delivery straight to your door or pick up at our state of the art Carvana Vending Machines! The CarFax was clean as well and it drives completely smooth.But seeing as how they registered that car before giving it back, I would be a little more wary. The office may or may not have a vending machine. So was your vehicle delivered outside of a 'local market' area? In your case, you would essentially be meeting halfway.

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