The 466-mile (750 km) corridor extends from Eugene, Oregon to Vancouver, British Columbia via Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington in the Pacific Northwest region.

2018 Cascadia High Speed Rail Study (PDF): Connecting Cascadia Workshop Report (PDF), Cascadian Sasquatch Alert! Rainingman Line-Up, Today Marks the 318th Anniversary of the Last Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake, The Republic of Cascadia: A Brief Timeline of Independence, Bioregional Congress of Pacific Cascadia 1988. (Cascadia Corridor HSR), Sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive content, contests, and perks direct to you. Connecting corridors with high-speed rail between cities will improve intercity transit. The idea for Cascadia High-Speed Rail, connecting Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, is still in its infancy. The US is stuck with an inefficient uneconomic model that dates from the mid-20th Century. “Highway expansion cannot and will not keep up with growth, but we can make investments that can be gamechangers, like high-speed rail.”. Normal daily round trip service includes: Four daily round trips between Portland and Seattle; Two daily round trips between Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia; Two daily round trips between Eugene and Portland; View schedules. This CHSR plan is  systematically structured.Click to see modern, speedy HSR flyover construction, if China can apply using this technique, then so must we! from both trains. So, it would also seem then, if all the stars were aligned to have Amtrak begin running a second daily train between Vancouver and Seattle, that officials would do what they could to make it happen — that bureaucratic hiccups could be managed, addressed and not hold things up. It’s a familiar Washington scenario: a major new federal grant program is launched and soon a brand new constituency is born with an army of supplicants and lobbyists eager to secure a piece of the action. There is currently no Amtrak Cascades train service north of Seattle. With this, (comes) the ease and convenience of crossing the border and clearing once you arrive in Vancouver.” Tom Banse: Amtrak was ready to Read More ›, The Seattle Times reports that the Canadian government has dropped its insistence Amtrak pay $1,500 per day for immigration and customs inspections for passengers on a planned second daily train between Seattle and Vancouver. In one year, an individual can spend 780 hours commuting by car — that’s 33 days — of your time each year sitting in traffic. Vernon, Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Centralia, Portland, Salem and Eugene, eventually to extend eastward all the way to Spokane.

Would take around High speed rail remains the only alternative form of mass transit both faster and more cost competitive then flying or driving. Daily Hive is a Canadian-born online news source, established in 2008, that creates compelling, hyperlocal content. On Oregon Public Broadcasting this morning Tom Banse reported about the long-awaited second daily train between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., which begins service today. The idea for Cascadia High-Speed Rail, connecting Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, is still in its infancy. “Rail Week,” which has so far included a train excursion, policy-focused luncheon sessions, and a well-attended public lecture at Seattle’s City Hall, has been designed to bring attention to both ends of the spectrum and everything in between. According to WSDOT, a one way commute between Seattle and Tacoma/Everett takes 90 minutes; that’s triple the time a 30-mile journey should take due to traffic. Category Rail Cascadia Center August 18, 2011 Cascadia Corridor, Cross Border, Rail Second train saved by Canadian government Cascadia Center August 18, 2011 Cascadia Corridor, Cross Border, Rail. This is in addition to USD $224,000 from Washington’s state government, USD $225,000 from Oregon’s state government, and CAD $300,000 from BC’s provincial government for this phase of work. The second Amtrak Cascades service to Vancouver, B.C., which could have ended in October if the Canadian government had decided to implement a previously proposed $1,500 inspection fee, received a reprieve when Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced after a meeting with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, his decision to permanently waive the proposed fee. “A Cascadia region where Vancouver to Seattle and Seattle to Portland are connected in less than 90 minutes, and where transport to Eastern Washington is faster, and less expensive than driving or flying.”. Use the Form below to view real-time travel arrival and departure information. While a northern terminus in Surrey would have a lower construction cost than bringing the line further north to downtown Vancouver, it would generate a lower ridership. Article from the Wilamette Weekly from Ferbruary 13th: TV Clip from KOIN6 in Portland, OR from February 13th: Seattle Transit Blog post from February 12th.

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