We’re women in our 40s now, with kids and relationships and careers and four decades of memories. Not guilty. Powered by . We used to stride home alone, with confidence. And yet, we were the lucky ones. Verdict in Claremont murders. We’ll speak to experts including criminal lawyer Michael Tudori and the legal specialist from the Claremont podcast, Damien Cripps. It was a new world. Nothing was ever the same again. I became a writer. CLAREMONT: The Claremont Serial Killings Podcast Episode 1 A Killer Strikes Twice. My little asbestos den set me back $50 a week, including electricity. Just like Ciara. We soon learnt another young woman was also out that night. Sarah used a pay phone to order a taxi on Stirling Highway, but by the time it pulled up three minutes later, she was gone.

I’m so sorry for the life you all still had to live. Rich, full lives. On Day 94 of the trial, and the fourth day of Paul Yovich’s closing statements, the defence focussed on Ciara Glennon’s disappearance. Besides, walking home alone on a balmy night felt as natural as breathing. We got porkier and spottier. As for Sarah Ellen Spiers? Aside from a slight shake of the head, this sadistic rapist and murderer barely emoted. There were four of us bunking down in that hovel, which was on the demolition list. Please sign in to contribute to the Mamamia Community. The World Today individual segments on iTunes or RSS. We got to fulfil our dreams. Today, I joined throngs of people in a packed courtroom to hear Justice Stephen Hall deliver his verdict on the Claremont Serial Killer trial. By the time it arrives, Sarah Spiers is gone. They were only for rich people, and the size of large bricks. We moshed to Custard and Regurgitator at the Swanny Hotel. The hair on her neck rose, and she legged across an oval to escape it. More cereal. She was at Club Bay View with friends and called it a night around 2am. A few months later and Jane Rimmer is out with friends in Claremont when she, too, disappears. Six months later, during a cold, wet winter, Jane Rimmer also disappeared. Accused Claremont serial killer Bradley Robert Edwards will learn his fate today when one of the most keenly-anticipated judgments in Western Australia's history is delivered. I can’t stomach KFC anymore. Suddenly, we were hiding behind men so we could stay safe – if we went out at all. Rick and Sue are the only presenters who have been there from the very beginning. Watch: The Claremont Serial Killer trial. She was at the Conti, where we almost were. She left early, bidding her work colleagues farewell before heading home on Stirling Highway. An invisible killer loomed over us, silently, ruthlessly. In 1995, I drove my shitbox car with the broken antenna and overheating radiator straight out of Rockingham and into a share house in Swanbourne, 45 minutes away. That night, my flatmate drank too much, too soon, and decided to walk home to sleep it off.

But in 1996, over a hot, sticky summer, Sarah Spiers went missing from one of our regular haunts. With no frontal lobes between us, we relished in that grotty, carefree pocket between childhood and adulting. Booze - so much booze. The court had previously been told the night the she disappeared, the accused Claremont Serial Killer Bradley Edwards was supposed to be in Dawesville seeing friends, but didn’t show up until the next morning. Until then, us schmucks would call it home. ... LIVE coverage of Claremont Serial Killings Trial Verdict today on 7News Perth. We stopped being brazen after that. We were shaken to the core by the disappearance and murders of these young girl-women who, like us, were simply out, cherishing their friends and owning their freedom and independence. If you're not already a Mamamia member, sign up (it's easy, we promise). Today, I joined throngs of people in a packed courtroom to hear Justice Stephen Hall deliver his verdict on the Claremont Serial Killer trial. Post continues below. My childhood stomping ground was dubbed Heroin Town at the time. Watch: The Claremont Serial Killer trial. He stole daughters, sisters, granddaughters, aunties, nieces, cousins, friends. I’m so sorry for what he did to you. He made us anxious. And to all the other women who never felt safe walking alone again on a balmy night, I’m sorry too. We painted on thick foundation and squeezed into our finest Hounddog tube skirts. Her naked body was later found face down in Wellard, 43km away, by a young mum picking death lilies with her children. Shamelessly, violently. Maccas 30 cent cones. We set out on foot, cobbling along in our platform espadrilles, because we were poor and scoring a taxi in Perth was largely an exercise in futility. We had no idea when he would strike next and we lived with the paranoia that it could be any one of us.

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