Here’s what he had to say about the Sarah Spiers case. Fingerprints taken from a separate Huntingdale break-in in 1988 also matched Edwards, who was in the national database after an attack on a social worker at Hollywood Hospital in May 1990.

He said that while the three murders were similar in timing, location and nature, the circumstances in which Ms Spiers was taken and how she died is unknown. Her naked body was found 25 miles (40km) south in bushland by a family picking wild flowers. WA Premier Mark McGowan has issued a plea for Claremont killer Bradley Robert Edwards to reveal where the body of Sarah Spiers is.

Emergency services were called to Bar Beach around 10.30am on Thursday, after receiving reports a car had driven off a cliff.

By Rebecca Trigger.

Edwards, who will face trial in July 2019, has denied all allegations and plead guilty to all charges.

Ms Spiers' body has never been found but Ms Barbagallo said her lone killer's identity would be proved "in other ways". Ms Rimmer and Ms Glennon were found dumped in bushland, largely hidden under foliage, at opposite ends of Perth. On Day 93 of the Claremont serial killings trial, defence lawyer Paul Yovich told the court Sarah Spiers was the victim of a grave crime — but one that Bradley Robert Edwards did not commit.

A speedboat skims across the waters of the Piquiri river in central Brazil; on board are a group of vets and animal trackers. Both had cuts to their necks and other areas consistent with "sawing", and also suffered injuries indicating self-defence, prosecutor Carmel Barbagallo told the West Australian Supreme Court during Monday's opening address. The baby escaped with minor scratches, but her mother was taken to John Hunter hospital with possible leg fractures.

Catastrophic climate change could be avoided because of China's promise to be carbon neutral by 2060, the UK's climate diplomat has told Sky News. After laying dormant on ice for 13 years, Ms Rimmer's hair was scrutinised and 22 grey, blue and blue/grey "fibres of interest" were recovered and stored for future reference. Get unlimited access to … Clockwise from left: The accused, Bradley Edwards; the silk kimono that could prove crucial; the three victims of the alleged serial killer. The search for the source of the fibres took investigators to car wrecking yards and police holding yards, and one of two work vehicles used by Edwards was tracked down in Chidlow in 2016. Bradley Robert Edwards was convicted of the killings of Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon, but was acquitted of the murder of Sarah Spiers. Bank records show that was a lie, Ms Barbagallo said on Tuesday, as he did not want to implicate himself.

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