Based on the sales of these albums, other parents of our generation must obviously agree. We cover the companies, personalities, and innovations that are driving business forward. Yes, Urban Outfitters may be finally turnings things around. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Paul R. La Monica.

Did it overpay or make a smart investment? But Barbie is unrestrained on the cover of Sports Illustrated. There are only 30 stocks in the Dow. These three stocks have outperformed the blue chips since they were booted from the Dow. Investors are trying to figure out what a possible CP-CSX deal would mean for the rest of the railroad industry. She found that most of the music was stuff like Barney the annoying purple dinosaur and Raffi, who was parodied in an episode of "The Simpsons" as Roofi. And if you picked up Hot Pockets recently, check for a recall. Parking tickets add up quickly. The Nasdaq was in blood red mode Thursday. But there's one small record label that is still thriving in the digital world. Lucy probably got Apple and Facebook.

High-profile cyberattacks against prominent retailers and banks may be helping newly public CyberArk. The Rockabye version though? So where will the label go next?

#StupidStock Move of the Day! Shares of SodaStream popped more than 15% when word of the deal was first reported MORE. Yet. CNN Money Transfers is provided by TTT Moneycorp Limited. ET It was a lot harder in the world before YouTube and 'The Voice.' Alibaba doesn't have its name on a baseball stadium. What's worked has been taking songs that are instantly recognizable and transforming them into something else. But I won't lie. Done that.

Six years, in fact. It's trick or treat time ... Wall Street style! Several biotechs, including Canada's Tekmira, are working on a treatment for Ebola. CNNMoney's economy team provides additional context on the global economy related to the job market, income and gender inequality, the nation’s debt and budget issues, inflation, taxes, health care, and more. More U.S. consumers have probably used or heard of Citizens Financial Group than Chinese e-commerce wunderkind Alibaba. Roth said she and Aiello were looking for the "perfect balance of clunk, tinkle and attitude." Welcome to CNN Business on YouTube. Might as well jump? TTT Moneycorp Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services. View the latest top stories from CNN Money Visit for daily and breaking news from the world of business. She added that there have been talks about doing original music as well instead of just covers. We sent a crew to one of New York’s largest movie theatres to find out. But "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses is not the smartest thing to be playing to a hungry, crying baby in the middle of the night. "CDs still sell well because it's fun to hand people a package as a gift.". Can you survive on $7.25 an hour? But the big drop in tech stocks didn't hurt the MORE. Check. Streaming songs for a small cut just isn't as lucrative as selling an entire album.

And the cradle will rock. Seems a bit excessive, no? ET, Low-income students miss out on best colleges. Oscar attendees will pick up $80,000 in gift bag swag. A college degree is worth it, more so today than ever before. Yoga teacher?

VAT registration number is 897 3934 54.

It may just be the aging Gen X-er in me worried about being forgotten in the sea of millennials and boomers. The fact that she also happens to be the sister of on-again/off-again Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth (he's currently back with the band) sealed the deal. Here are the money headlines you missed. What if the world was watching you take home the gold statue instead? But they don't want to stray too far from their roots. Roth said CMH had been approached by two larger music companies interested in doing distribution deals for the Rockabye Baby series. Beef, milk, gas, airline travel, and even a ticket to Disney World will cost you more than they did last year. Taco Bell’s new Waffle Taco takes on McDonald’s McMuffins in the battle for AM appetites. They were iconic retailers. Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer had no idea instant karma was going to knock Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella right in the head. Lisa Roth helped create Rockabye Baby -- lullabies of hit songs ... including some by brother David Lee Roth of Van Halen. From dairy to Disney: Prices are on the rise. Will ScarJo soon be making her own Pepsi at home? Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Does Alibaba have its name splashed across a MORE. Christine Romans has this week’s Money Time.

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