These Names are Modern as well as Unique. Total collection of 14750 baby names I believe name does not define the You can also browse through top 100 popular Indian baby names for quirkier suggestions.

me yahan dusre kam se aya tha lekin side me dekha to muge mere nam ka link mila jb use mene open kiya to bht cheezien pata chalien apne name k bare me. Names are not just for birth days, they are for entire life. Male/Boy Name Madhup, Meaning of Bengali See more. Faraz For better usage and to keep it with you, you can download the “Bengali Baby … A beautiful Bengali baby name that means, ‘a boy with the moon in his eyes'. Always Smiling; Cheerful; Pleased; Happy; Name of Lord Hanuman; Happy: Favourite of the Devotees; A Name for Lord Shiva, The Earth; Broad; Spacious; Lover; A King from the Epics, Who has Born with Full of his Mother and Father, Highest of Beings; Lord Rama; The Supreme Soul; Lord Vishnu; Best Among Men, Efficient; Conqueror of Miseries; Bond in Affection; Capable; Mysterious; Different than Others; Smart; Most Mysterious Vastu Grah 'Rahu'; Son of Lord Buddha; The Son of Goddess Durga; Truth Follower; Best of All, Kingdom; King; Secret; To Rule; Ruler; Origin, King; Sand; Silvery; Emotion; Affection; Hope; Royal, Great Among Kings; King; A Mighty King; Emperor; King of Kings, King of Kingdom; God of Kings; Above the Wind; Born Leader; Lord of Kings; Emperor; Qualities of King, Lord Rama; One who Pleases; The Eldest Sun of King Dasharatha; The Hero of Mythology Called Ramayana; Pleasing; Charming; Obedient; Male Sheep, Entertaining; Pleasing; Delights to Parents, Winner; Victorious; The Delighted One; One who is Entertained; The Conqueror of the Battle, Prestigious; Happiness; Pride and Glory; Fame, Lord Surya (Sun); Great; Intelligent; Powerful; Smart; Fire Power; Active; Religious, Sun; Beloved by All; Kind; Brave; Fierce Protector, King of Sun; Other Name for Sun; Lord Surya (Sun), Who can Overcome All the Sorrows and Sadness of Life, Scented; Blessing from God; Star; Tree of Heaven; King; Sweet Basil, A Part of Sun; Lord Vishnu; Ray of Light; First Light of Sun, Brave One; Strong Ruler; A Teutonic Name from the European Middle Ages; Dominant Ruler; Powerful Leader, One of the Vedas; The First Veda; Name of a Veda, New Way; Strong and Brave; Peaceful Ruler, Good Human Being; Lord Shiva; Spirituality, Superior; An Avatar of Lord Vishnu; Second Note of Octave; Morality; A Musical Note; Ox, Sacred Action; Beautiful; Name of Lord Hanuman; Divine Truth, Moon; Priest; Intelligent; Good Human Being, A Singing Bird; Bright Fame; Famed; Shining; Victory; Famous; A Bird Name, Ascending; Increasing; Progressive; Little Red One; Sandal Wood; Healing, First Red Rays of the Sun; Red; Horse Rider; Son of Raja Harishchandra; Sufficient; Spectrum, Samurai without a Master; Wave or Wandering Person, Sun Rays; Shining; Lightning; Illumination; Bright; Man of Steel, Name of Lord Shiva; Sun; Rudraksha; 'mightiest of the Mighty, Shelter; Lord Shiva; Wilderness; Name of a Desert; Helpful, Always Smile; Flower of Love; Everywhere; Lord Shiva; Sai Baba; Swami; Flower; Friend; Blessing, Noble Respectable; A Dear Friend; Righteous Person, Happy; Peaceful; Safe; Sound; Tranquillity; Another Name for God; Perfect; Healthy; Secure; Free, High; Sublime; Similar; Noble; All Hearing; Elevated; Another Name for God; Listener; Obedient; Lofty; Supreme, Wind; Pleasant Companion; A Companion who Joins in an Evening Conversation; Jovial; Early Morning Fragrance; Entertaining Companion; Breeze; Entertainer, Light of God; A Virtuous Light; A Lighted Lamp; Glowing; Challenging, Victory; Lord Shiva; Dhritarashtra's Charioteer; Triumphant; Caring; Victorious, Polite; Innocent; Divine; Honesty; Virtuous; Healthy; Pure, Sweet Smell; Fragrance; Divine; Celestial, Wise; Old Man; Saint who was a Trainer of Young Monks, Pride; Prestige; Famous; Respected; Dignity; Splendour Super, Lord Brahmha; The Presence of Divinity of Each Soul; Breath; I am, Warrior; The Son of Sun; Brave; Courage; Bravery, Good Knowledge; Sound Advice; Easily Understood; Good; Intelligent; Spiritual Intelligence, One has Good Heart; Flower; Cheerful and Wise; Good Mind; Love, Lovely; Good Friend; Well Measured; Good Path, Blue; Sapphire; Dark Blue; Red Lotus; Pomegranate Tree; Wind; Beautiful Sky; Krishna with Blue Colour; Lord Vishnu, Bright Disposition; Cheerful; Full of Sunshine; Sun; Happy Day; Gift of Sun, Lord Shiva; The Sun; Incarnation; Emanation, Trust Worthy Friend; Variant of Uthman; Servant of God, Excellence; Well-being; Superior; Best; Eminent, Generation; Coming Generation of Father; Family, Sun of Akash; Sun Lord of Light; Prakash; Sun, Part of Veda's; Part of the Sacred Knowledge, Another Name for Lord Murugan; Son of Lord Shiva, Lord; Lord Vishnu; All Pervading; Powerful, Life; Used as Both Surname and Given Name; Life Giving, Monstrous Figure; Huge and Gigantic; Lord Ganesha, Bravery; The Sun of Valour; Lord Hanuman; Praiseworthy; Record; Strong Strong; One who Continue Progress, Powerful; Hero; Brave; Victorious; Fearless, Happy; Full of Joy; Pleasing; Always be Happy; Sun; King of the Universe, Fearless; Unique; Brave; Powerful; King; King of Jungle, Couregeous; Revolutionary; Drifting about; Revolution, Plenty; Maximum; Intelligent; Young and Dynamic; Earth, The Protector; An Important Hindu God; Lord Vishnu; Almighty; King of Victory; Special, One who Conquers the Universe; Conqueror of World, God of Universe; Lord Vishnu; Name of Lord Shiva, Lord of the Universe; The Form of Siva Worshipped in Benaras in India, Always Energetic; Knowledge; Intelligent; Calm; Intelligence; Judgement; Right; Conscience; Patience; Lord Shiva, Acceptor of All Sacred and Sacrficial Offerings, Lord of the Sacrificial Fire; Lord Fo the Sacrificial Fire, Victory; Glory; Fame; Vaibhav; Return Favourable, Reality; Complete; Truth; Proper; Original and Unchanged, Eldest of Pandavas; Husband of Draupadi; Another Name Dharmaraj, Beautiful; Worshipper of God; Beauty; Grace, The Average speed, as obvious from the term itself, is the average of the speed …, Kelvin and Celsius scales are the most frequently used temperature assessing scales in thermometer business.The …, A variables amplitude is a measure of its change over a single period.

English Dictionary; English – Hindi Dictionary and any of its associates do not take any responsibility or authenticity of the data or information in any manner. Traditionally, Bengali parents perform a ritual called “Annaprashana”, which literally translates to “eating of food”, when naming their children. Hello friends Female/Girl Name Madhumita, Meaning of Bengali

The manifestation of God; Shapely; Concrete; Formal; A musical instrument; Distinguished; Brilliance; The fifth month of the Hindu year; One who offers a sacrifice to God. But it seems a bit old. Dictionary – Find Word Meanings.

Faraz is a popular name in Indo Pak subcontinent. Now, check out our list of 50 popular and unique Bengali names for your little princess. Choose your child’s name carefully. Male/Boy Name Madan, Meaning of Bengali Ishan নামের অর্থ Ishan is a Hindu Boy name and it is an Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. The current version has audio-visual courses and quizzes to learn English from almost all Indian languages and vice versa. Like every ceremony in a Hindu household, Bengali naming ceremonies are steeped in culture. Female/Girl Name Mahaganga, Meaning of Bengali Elevation, Male/Boy Name Madhur, Meaning of Bengali Many says name of a child may play an important role in creation of the child’s personality.

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