We don't want a Deputy timesheet entry to be from their private email, rather their work emails. You can amend Timesheets in Deputy to apply our non-automated allowances. With regards to the "Auto Sync Employees" button, we are currently using Xero Payroll as the source of truth for our pay rates and because of that our Auto Sync is turned on. Yes, salaried staff will still have their Leave timesheets exported to Xero for processing.

We have a comprehensive training guide found here. Deputy's integration with Xero was the ultimate bonus for us." Yes, please get in contact with our 24/7 support chat regarding your EA. Is that correct? © 2020 Deputy.
How do you deal with Public Holidays? Please reach out to our 24/7 support for assistance with this issue. Deputy's integration with Xero was the ultimate bonus for us. This is a feature that we're currently working on. There are lots of different versions of it in Deputy. If you don't export salaried staff, how do you capture leave? “One of the biggest issues we had was manually checking and inputting staff hours into Xero.

Full Award Interpretation, with over 30 of the most common Fair Work Awards available.

If you onboard an employee in Deputy, do you have to then enter them manually in Xero prior to payment? The Deputy/Xero integration has saved us huge amounts of time and money and we couldn't be happier, as we continue to refine the way the two systems 'speak' to each other. Employee On-boarding. Leave is matched based on Deputy's export code to Xero's leave name. You can also make amendments to the Timesheet in Xero, but not the payslips. This is only supported in our Enterprise product where we can build out custom terms with higher duties to match Netsuite. When using the deputy pay rates, some pay items are (not automated) by default - is it possible to set these up so that they are automated?

I can’t find the timesheet's first name and second name window. How come? When exporting timesheets into an invoice in xero as time billing can we show the employee comment? We recommend that you configure Salary auto-pay in Xero for these employees. Be aware that doing this will remove the employee from any future rosters. Before, I was transcribing everyone’s hours by hand.” Declan Lee. When using the awards from Deputy, would it also allow to pay some daily allowances as sleepover or on call allowances or is it just for pay rates? By signing up you accept the Subscription Agreement & Privacy Policy.

Run your teams remotely without missing a thing. How do you stop irrelevant shift loadings and allowances that are not applicable importing into Xero payroll? This might happen if you have connected those Xero companies to this Deputy account in the past.

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