These are temporary mounts for car dealers and test drives. Driving around without a license plate is illegal. Read More. Doug, I'd argue that that plate frame isn't slapped on after the process is almost complete... they slapped it on there when it came off the truck and they did their initial prep. Login. If your bumper is fiberglass, you’re good to get started. The panel even reasoned that if their ruling was any different, it would basically mean every license plate frame would need to be removed from every vehicle in order for drivers to avoid the risk of a citation, which they found to be unreasonable and unrealistic. The plate should be mounted to the car in the proper place in a manner that is free of obstruction.

Now that’s a twist you didn’t see coming, isn’t it? Next, remove the protective film on the back of the bracket and place it onto the bumper. License plate frames are not typically standard equipment on a vehicle, but they are a pretty standard accessory. * Find your car manual The 19 states that require only the rear license plate are: Therefore if your state requires both front and rear plates, you should make sure that both are displayed and your registration is current. Whatever the case, the best way to store it and keep it looking great is to frame it for the wall. 3 Major Types of Garbage Trucks Explained, 10 Cheap Car Mods That’ll Have Your Ride Looking Like a Million Bucks, How to Run a Business From Your Phone: A Guide, Tips for Driving a Semi-Truck: Beginner’s Edition, Make Money Driving: A Look at the Best Cars for Uber, Lyft, and Others. So when you keep your plate frame on the car, not only are you providing free advertising to a random business, you're also violating the law! First, measure your bumper with a measuring tape and mark the center with a pen or scotch tape.

With its original reflective coating intact. What Is A Speed Trap? Did Copyright © 2008-2020 Ticket Snipers.

Some cars have a tow hook anchor that you can use to install your license plate. You end the experience hours after you started, emotionally drained, tired, hungry, exhausted, and almost completely broke. If you choose to use this site or services provided by Ticket Snipers you agree that the information provided on this website and information given by Ticket Snipers representatives, employees or agents is not legal advice and no Attorney-Client relationship is created. Do you have a license plate that's special to you? Maybe it's a personalized plate you once used. Having proper license plates is a condition for driving in all states, and violations of license plates requirements can result in severe penalties.

Note: They did try to make frames illegal here in Texas, but found out it was uninforceable, and repealed the law.

If your plate comes with a frame, go ahead and push the screw through both the plate and frame before attaching to the bracket. The main requirements for automobile license plates are very straightforward. If you have a question regarding the proper placement or displaying of license plates, you should contact a criminal defense attorney or your local DMV to determine the requirements of your state. But anyway: what you're actually thinking is probably more along the lines of: How could this be illegal when so many people do it?! We hope this article has helped you feel confident in performing this important car task. © CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Yes, that's right: surprising though it may be, nearly every jurisdiction has a law against blocking out the state name, the state slogan, and the license plate's expiration date. Some cars have a tow hook anchor that you can use to install your license plate. from Santa Clara University School of Law, where he joined groups like the National Lawyers Guild. Also, he wrote this entire bio himself in the third person. So, ladies and gentlemen, I strongly recommend that you remove your dealership license plate frames — not only for the good of society, but also so that you don't spend the next two decades communicating with the Unabomber through a narrow ventilation duct in your windowless cell. Maybe it's a personalized plate you once used. But they are not, in fact, government-issued license plates. If it doesn’t line up with the bumper, it is the wrong kind of bracket. Average Rating: (5.0) out of 5 stars 1 ratings, based on 1 reviews. In some instances, the DMV may require the driver to surrender their license plates. Then, screw the license plate to the bracket using a screwdriver. Then, without peeling off the protective film, hold up the bracket in place to gauge how it will fit. Because the evidence which was used against him in the license plate frame case has been thrown out, he will most likely escape prosecution and conviction for drug trafficking. Whatever the case, the best way to store it and keep it looking great is to frame it for the wall. License plate frames are not typically standard equipment on a vehicle, but they are a pretty standard accessory. I participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All states require motor vehicles to have license plates issued by the state's DMV which will be issued when you register your vehicle. And. Set the plate aside.

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