The resulting centaurs can differ quite radically in physical appearance from one another. Centaurs appear to have teeth growing out of their chests, though they do not use them as weapons. However, all known centaurs are somewhat humanoid in appearance. They lack feet, which are substituted with human arms which confines them to a slow, shuffling type of movement. Unlike its two-headed "cousins", this kind of centaur uses a ranged attack: a high-arcing, slow-moving saliva projectile that can carry lethal doses of radiation. Helps friends: Will help friends and allies. Instead of legs, a centaur has multiple human arms that it uses to drag itself along the ground, which confines it to a slow, shuffling form of ambulation. His reference id is 2d3be. This is offset by their weak melee attacks in the form of their lashing tongues.

[4], Used by the Master as a sort of guard dog,[3] these mutant chimeras weren't tamed in the traditional sense.[5]. The creature's purple veins and protruding bone fragments are less prominent than the standard centaur. Centaurs are creatures found in the Capital Wasteland.

Very aggressive: Will attack enemies and neutrals on sight. It is very likely that centaurs were once human. Centaurs have both a long range and a close range attack. They are slow-moving and often travel with a super mutant. The canine head can also be seen biting at the human head, at which point the human head evades, suggesting some level of individual thought. The canine head struts when walking and is used in attacking, suggesting some level of control over the body. Published on Dec 29, 2008 this is a centaur in fallout 3? The basic centaur variant in Fallout 3. Like their western counterparts, the Capital Wasteland centaurs were created by infection with the FEV along with the super mutants. Although he cannot be found anywhere in the game, Clancy can be found in the game files. This melee attack is rather delayed, usually slower than the player's melee attacks. Centaurs of all known varieties are not harmed by radiation but seem drawn to it, as they are often found in heavily irradiated environments. Their birthplace, like the super mutants, is Vault 87. The largest group of centaurs can be found in the basement of the. The rear pair of arms serve as the creature's legs, connected to the pelvis and driving movement. Despite this consuming them is not an uncommon practice; such as with Mom's Diner of The Den. The creation process involved tossing a varied mix of humans, dogs, cats and other types of animals into a Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) vat to be infected by the virus,[2][3] and then seeing what mutant chimera emerged as the virus produced rapid and unpredictable mutations. Three-Headed Centaur Believed to be found in the Commonwealth, this type of centaur looks nothing like the earlier variants. They are a by-product of infection by the Forced Evolutionary Virus. Clancy was a named centaur cut from the final release of the game. The damage done by the spit itself is low, but can increase your rads quickly (+4 per second for ten seconds). The centaurs of the East Coast stand almost as tall as an adult human. The centaur's torso sways when the body moves, with the limbs moving in slow yet abrupt motions. Fallout Bible 8; ...and the horse you rode in on. While having generally the same body shape, evolved centaurs have tight, deeper toned skin and have grown a large number of tumors along the back.

Based on concept art, it seems at one point there was to be an "intelligent" centaur. The centaurs of the East Coast stand almost as tall as an adult human. Centaurs are not a major threat, however they may cause trouble for low level players. Their weak spot is their long, tentacle-like tongues which can be easily targeted in V.A.T.S.. Usually they don't carry anything, although they sometimes have chems like jet, small amounts of caps, and rarely random items like teddy bears, leather belts, pass cards, or a bobby pin or two.

Centaurs would have appeared in the cancelled. Two-headed centaur centaurs have two heads, one being canine and the other humanoid.

The Two-headed Centaur has an uncanny resemblance to one of the monstrous shapes taken by the alien creature in John Carpenter's 1982 sci-fi Horror cult classic.

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