Fortunately, internet plans have now become more accessible than ever. So as my Mighty was almost 2.5 years old (and out of warranty) I went and bought a brand new one. It is a known issue with the latest update (broken media hub playing from network). Please refresh the page and try again.

TV, just the way you like it. The EPG is immediate and up to date, with a convenient white line that tracks the current time against the schedule of shows on air, giving a quick look at how long until the next program. Please use the steps below to resolve this issue: As your Fetch box is starting back up, press the colour buttons on your Fetch TV remote in the following order: If you have followed all of the above steps and you are still having trouble, you can try a hard reset. It was to be fixed 2 days from 2 days ago. Preferably one with adjustable attenuation settings.8. I checked the signal level and quality in the tv settings and all good (high). Our Help and Support pages will get you back to watching your favourite TV shows, movies and more. Plus!7 to not just work with the box, but to match the user experience. Fetch have indicated it will be fixed in the new year.Supposedly USB based playback is still working. I’ve added a surge protector, 4G filter and Kingroy amplifier and now all working fine. NSW 2059. I'm only trying to help Milsand1. The impact is that you can't change channels on subscription channels, and you can't start watching a movie or show in Movie & TV Stores. Same here. But none of the Fetch programs I have recorded will play.. FTA recordings are ok. Update,All recordings are now back as well.
Fetch TV is the perfect PVR option for anyone looking for a proper alternative to Foxtel or TiVo in Australia. Thanks for the comments from all you, both the helpful and critical: it balances my view a little, however I am of the opinion that Fetch could do more in ensuring that there is less loss of signal through their equipment by installing a more powerful tuner or at least try a replacement for me. HURRY UP AND FIX IT !!!!

Since everything else is working perfectly and I haven't done anything I'm fairly confident it's an upstream issue. It's not always ideal, but it makes sense. The channels I watch are all available via apps, apart from BBC First, which I can just re-connect to Fetch when I want to watch. It does seem like a software issue, Despite having had many conversations with the support centre I don't have a fault reference number.

If kid-friendly fare is not your bag, you can catch up on all the latest news on the CNN International app, which was added to Fetch TV's lineup in October 2016. Still getting "streaming issue". Once a connection is established it works flawlessly until I try and change channels. Channel 10 worked fine last night.

It's about 12 months old, been working fine that whole time.

All Fetch boxes and subscriptions include these great features: Access to your Streaming subscriptions; The Movie Store with over 8500 movies; The TV Store with the hottest shows; Access to Free-to-Air (with an aerial) The Free TV apps; 30 movies* included at any time (+$1p/m for Retail customers) Pause and Rewind live TV My FetchTV just stopped working today. We apologise for the inconvenience to your Sunday evening wind down. I believe the extra line that's important from your quote is "The manufacturer has to provide the remedy when repairs or spare parts are not available for a reasonable time after purchase.". Did a soft reset via the menu, went through the process but nothing was fixed.
The FTA channels work perfectly on my 2019 LG LG 65SM8600PTA SM86 Series 65" 4K UHD LED TV. So, do you have signal levels and bit error ratio (BER) measured at the antenna point?

If you are already watching you should be OK. We are investigating the cause and will give you an update as soon as we can.

(Until an extra big wind led to the need for a full antenna replacement). Support centre even sent out a new box which resulted in a cold start and reload of software updates.

Fetch: The best of Pay TV and streaming video in a single box. In fact, the entire device is designed to vent heat out, and thanks to an external power supply, it doesn't get too hot in the first place. Once the factory reset is complete, follow the steps in Set up Fetch TV Gen 3 set top box to set up your Fetch box again. Get all your entertainment in one place with Fetch. FTA and recorded FTA is ok. EDIT – from their Facebook...Service outage notification: We are currently having issues with one of our systems. -Scott. backhaul capacity!!!!! Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Might be worth a try, as a workaround. They also require installation, either through HFC cable or by the installation of a satellite dish. Like every PVR ever made, the cornerstone of the Fetch TV box is the remote. If you receive either a blank or black screen when using the Stan app on your Fetch TV, rebooting the Fetch TV device will usually do the trick.

Your antenna reception has dropped a bit... enough that the Fetch has trouble.

edit: just checked other apps on the Fetch – Youtube and the Optus Sport app are working ok, but the Optus Sport channels are not.

It looks like something has degraded recently which is causing the signal to fall of the digital cliff.

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