Its mention on their website that they provide withdrawal to PayPal but maybe there is any issue which is not let them to pay through PayPal. I have received numerous profit splits from FTMO now and also had the challenger fee’s reimbursed with the first withdrawal. I only have great things to say. Just closed my first month in profit. :)Less than one week for sign the contract and account configuration and finally I become FTMO funded trader in February 2020.I've made 7% of profit first month,received my first profit split and challenge fee refund as well.
Like I said at the start I am one month on and they haven’t reset my account for the new month. I can only recommend! I have been funded for just over a month now and 2 days ago received my first profit split and my challenge fee was refunded as promised.

Ftmo is an absolutely serious company! Excellent company Grateful to be one of them. I took 2 business days for withdrawal with Bank transfer.My second month with funded account wasn't so lucky. I have just received my first profit split and my reimbursed challenge fee. So although my last trade would of made 13% if I held it (Which I didn't do because of their retake rule, I played it safe thinking I would get to start my second stage again)Rant over, if their retake rule put you back onto the same stage you were on that is fair enough.I was told by live support I'm on stage 1 to assess my 'Risk management skills' when I have already passed the test for risk management and ended both accounts in the positive. You can see the thread about us on the most respected Forex review site - Forex Peace Army and see for yourself. The profit split is real and I received it in a timely manner. Well done! We cover the losses. The initial capital can be $10000, $25000, $50000 and … The $36 are also now sitting in my bank account, after receiving and withdrawing the funds from my Skrill account.I'm currently in the process of trying to pass a challenge for a $50K account with the aggressive risk option. Can I ask how is it possible to violate max daily loss if the equity was never below the 5% limit? I received money very fast and with no problems at all. MT4 shows everything correctly while Metrix says I violated the max daily loss with -5.8% (-$580). There's really no limit for a beginning trader with this company. I highly recommended to serious traders. Great company providing a great opportunity for people who don’t have a large capital to start with. If you can trade and need capitol then F.T.M.O are the way to go. They always replied rapidly to my emails and I’ve never had a problem trading on their servers. well.. As you do it, i was search it a lot before decide to take an FTMO challenge.. i read reviews, watch ALL youtube videos etc.. and YES finally i applied for a 100k challenge...till now everything OK. The reviews and testimonials are all 100% organic. has advertising and affiliate relationships with some of the companies mentioned on this site and may be compensated if readers follow links and sign up. Negative point is they don't provide PayPal withdrawal. Very disappointing, i passed the first FTMO challenge and then for the next verification stage i finished in a profit but didn't pass the aims, they say to you, you will get another go.

The applicant has to pay the refundable fee for this challenge which is returned if he reaches FTMO Trader status.
We provide you a capital to trade with. I think it would be faster for me to get on a plane And fly To their HQ to get my question answered. Customer service is helpful and propmt. I am very happy to have a live funded account with FTMO. So far I'm very satisfied with them - the trading conditions on the FTMO account are really great and customer support responds quickly. I passed my first Challenge, and then I moved on to the next 'Verification'.I passed the first challenge with flying colours, I moved on to the next challenge and ended it positive, however as its covid 19 I wasn't hitting the targets I'd like so I took it slow and ended the entire period in Profit. I can highly recommend them to any traders looking for funding. You keep 70% of your profits. The payout process is very quick and simple, they provide an invoice template and you just have to input the information and send it back to them. FTMO is the real deal.FTMO is by far the best prop firm out there. And here we go, I passed it. Great company for profitable disciplined traders who need extra capital, quick support team, and very respectable. I feel very comfortable with working with FTMO.

Unfortunately, many are not quite right and many are misleading. FTMO are a very good company for anyone who can trade but doesn’t have the capital to fund a decent size account would defiantly recommend. Best decision I could ever made to go with FTMO! So, as their terms say. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Join today at FTMO has been great to work with and has paid every dollar earned in a timely manner. 1 2 3 Next > Magnificent Quant. Have had numerous withdrawals now, each time the money has been in my bank account 2/3 working days after invoice sent, along with the challenge fee reimbursed on the first withdrawal. © Copyright We cover the losses. If you are a trader looking for the real deal. All rights reserved.

Exceptional customer service. FTMO accepts traders from all over the world as long as they are willing to join.

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