Time Waits for No Man! 2.

3. View », 1. 2. View », 1. The Jackal


It Will Roam Tonight Death in a Darkroom

3. 4.

2. Job Number D-5832 Genre horror-suspense Characters Mr. Bones … The Death Mask Haunted Houses The Ghost Cries for Revnge! The Plague A Bone to Pick

Job Number B-1587 Genre horror-suspense Reprints.

  View », 1.

4. All Is Not Well 3. 2.

The Only Way to Go!

Live Happily Forever and Ever 3. 4.

6. The Waiting Noose

A Nice Place to Die

2. Nobody Knows

4. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. The Face of the Mummy 4. When Witches Walk... 4. 5. 4.

The Ghost Phone Call View », 1. The Man Who Changed Bodies


Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Voice of the Victim The Heritage of Hate The Wizard

View », 1. 5. Escape

Horror comics in general were in decline in the early 1980s, and Charlton in particular was suffering financially.

Step Forward, Brother View », 1 .Monsters Ride at Night

Worry Wart View », 1. 5. 2.

You can search for

6. Remember Me????? Comic Vine users.


Publishing hiatus between #32 (January 1977) and #33 (August 1977). 2. Weird Warning A Winner's Curse Ghost Office View », 1.

5. 2.

4. Who Am I?

The Son and Heir! Terrible Teddy Dead End View », 1.

2. 3. 5. 2. 3. Arachne

Reconciliation! 5. 3. Monsters Ride at Night 2. Introducing Mr. Bones View », 1. Escape 1. Who's Staying in the Secret Room? Power of the Drums Ghost Office

This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll

A Ghost's Revenge

The Curse of the Temple



4. Baron Weirwulf's Library 6. Who View », 1. The Voyage! Time Enough to Die!

Witch And War View », 1. Who Roams Tyford Castle?


6. Echo of the Last War Whoop in Ghost Manor (Charlton, 1971 series) #59 (October 1981) [original title "Witness to Murder Polly the Parrot"; titled just "Witness to Murder"] The Witch's Curse! 3. 6. The Final Foe The Drums 2.

Death in a Darkroom 3. 2. The Tower Room 2.

View », 1.

The Lonely Dead

The Old Man's Cat Curse of the Kolukoffs 3.

The Wizard View », 1. In the fall of 1984, Charlton suspended publication, and Ghostly Tales ended its run along with the rest of the company’s remaining titles.

4. Theft of Evil


The Phantom of Monte Azul Note:  Reprints from Ghost Manor (Charlton, 1971 series) #23 (May 1975) View », 1. 2. The Blue Men of Bantro 2.

The Man Who Hunted Satan The Night Visitor View », 1. Headless Valley 4.

Master of Fear! Ghost Manor (1971) #3 Published Feb 1972 by Charlton Comics Group. Something Called Honor Reprints from Ghost Manor (Charlton, 1968 series) #1 (July 1968) Bury Me Deep! 3.

4. 2. Fearless Frank Fairless

Tonight I'll Dream Of You


4. Lost Mine

5. 3. 3. Color: Color

The Other Side of the Mirror


The Hybrid Man

Where Evil Dwells!

Esqueleto View », 1. The Trapper The Lonely Dead Scarecrow The Ghost Writer Prince of Evil View », 1. The Wrecker's Bones! Crawling Death 3. 4. All But One Room 3. 4.


4. 2.

Ghost Manor volume one debuted in July 1968 and was bimonthly during its run; all 19 issues were edited by Sal Gentile.

The Ultimate Test View ».

3. Let's All Cry For Louie Note: Cover image is from page 3; panel 2 of Crazy Jack, enlarged with additional material, possibly by another artist. Abide with Me (Table of Contents: 1) comic story / 7 pages (report information) Script Joe Gill (signed) Pencils Sururi Gumen (signed) Inks Sururi Gumen (signed) Colors?

View », 1. comic story / 8 pages (report information) Script? 4. When Time Stood Still Close.

Creator of Life 3.

All's Well Who Ends Well!

The Ultimate Test 4.

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