TORE: Even Pelosi doesn’t know what they have on her. Well, do you think that the reason they attached Manafort to Trump’s campaign – because that was kind of later, right – attached them onto there.

“Conspiracy theorists try to find a pattern. They were supposed to go in, they were supposed to sway him, because they were supposed to give up the goods to match the Russia hack. TORE: We hijacked the Afghan elections. They’d been doing this for a decade prior to Trump even running for office. Bergy explains how Shadownet was built by the military with US tax dollars and how General James L Jones, Obama’s National Security Advisor took this intellectual property and privatized it for personal gain. MILLIE WEAVER: That’s a major problem right there. Maybe it was a competitor. It falsely links the coronavirus pandemic; Ferguson, Missouri, and George Floyd protests; Mueller investigation, and several actions of the Obama administration in a sweeping and contradicting conspiracy theory. TORE: Yes, it was and I believe that it was so blatant, because it was piloted at the same time that the RNC and the DNC were hacked. Neither provides any proof of participation in such operations. TORE: TAC, CGI and all these LLCs, they just keep cycling and cycling all of them.

PATRICK BERGY: PSYGroup has the exact same product as Dynology, the Shadownet and Eyesight, right? By early afternoon, one of the two whistleblowers seen in the film, Tore posted Weaver’s blockbuster film to her own YouTube account and as I watched it, it was all I could do to avoid having my brains splatter all over the wall.

The video opens with the title image “ShadowGate,” the title which InfoWars correspondent Millie Weaver advertised the project as on her website on August 3. PATRICK BERGY: To “restore election integrity worldwide”. ‘ShadowGate’ features two whistleblowers, Tore and Patrick Bergy, who describe a network of government contractors in the Intelligence Community with access to the NSA’s dragnet surveillance and AI programs and who exploit this information to blackmail and control politicians and other powerful people. That’s how Hunter Biden got his job. You must log in or register to reply here. This is why the FBI never asked for the server.

You know that, right? And I know that Jones – Jim Jones told me that his dad was really offended by that. Yes, yes, I'm quite aware from my own time in these circles of the "everybody who interacts with Jews is a shabbos goy" routine. MILLIE WEAVER: So, I the question is, are they all just that inept or is there something else going on?

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