We check the transit we took before turning in. You friend was rowing in southern Grenada…. Cruising in a dinghy can get you across seas – and further up creeks than yachts, advises Roger Barnes, Heading out to sea: “We look around our boat with pride as she breasts the swell…”. Meanwhile the helmsman craves a constant supply of drinks and nibbles. I love that this was the first comment. My own cruises lie between these extremes. RIBs tend to have bigger outboards; that makes them bigger targets for theft (nobody wants Torqueedos or the snail-to-bunny speed couplea horses), but it’s not about the boat. Cruising World may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Double floor: provides a comfortable flat interior and helps keeps things dry (bonus: strong. A fast rib can get you a long way in a short time, and rowing back could be impossible – not a big deal if there are others to help, but a very big deal if you are alone! Copyright © 2020 Cruising World. Topics covered include: sail areas, rigs and reefing, ballast and helm balance, centreboards and daggerboards, seats and sheets, engines, oars and anchors, trailers, launching and recovery. Stolen dinghies are often found later, adrift or in mangroves, outboard missing…the real objective. I like their reference to Pudgys as the F150 of dinghies! There is little else to stow away other than the tent, and this is left until last. Dawn is well risen and the sun is burning off the morning mist. Celebrating Traditional Boats – Glorious Brest: the, Incorporationg The Rigger’s Apprentice and The, The story of sailing aboard Mariquita – a big, Made by Neal Agarwal. The owner hoisted the dingy up to the davits and pronounced us ready to go. The bottom should be soft and flat here. http://www.classicsailor.com. The pleasure of gliding upstream on a golden summer’s evening. A cruising dinghy rarely sails fast enough to oppose a decent tidal stream (Geriatrix is an exception) so the wise dinghy cruiser sails with the stream or, occasionally, across it. We snuggle back down into our bunks again, reassured. With most boats tending away from the choices made by Hanna and Rocinante‘s crews – is there a voice missing? For a couple of years, as a singlehander, I even owned two rowing dinghies! What’s out there in the cruising community?

Disagree that davits are the easiest solution for passages/ rough conditions, we ALWAYS put dinghy on the bow! There is just time for a quick breakfast – a cup of tea and some cereal. Combi galvanised trailer with tail lights. Copyright © 2020 Cruising World.

A couple of years later I flew into Newport to bring a big Oyster down to St. Martin. This is when a cruising yacht would pick up a visitor’s buoy, slip into a marina or look for a suitable all-tide anchorage. Is the wind strengthening or slackening, backing or veering? PS: OC tenders are the Ferrari of RIB’s! The anchorage is well sheltered and she has not budged. Very utilitarian for the quiet little sunset sail around the harbour or a pick-up rabbit-start race with the like-minded… great way to meet new friends. I researched long and hard on alternatives. It got them around in the Caribbean, but was UV damaged and leaky; they were happy to replace it with the robust Pudgy.

Of course, state a rule and the exceptions commence! So here we are then, you and I, aboard a typical cruising dinghy, out at sea.

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