1999–2016 read-only memory Examples: two-sided arrow Don't guess; have a dictionary close by, or look it up online. ultra-ambitious 300–325 people. Example Examples Correct: 300-325 people. Examples Incorrect: 300 - 325 people sugar-free soda With hyphen: She had a concealed-weapons permit. Hyphens are often used to tell the ages of people and things. one-third of the page. When adding a prefix to a stem word results in a double vowel and each vowel is pronounced, don’t use a hyphen.

Example oil-based sludge. Rule 2. Examples: Omitting the hyphen would cause confusion with recover. Some general rules follow. | Add-ins | Bisson, Guillermo. Programming Office 365 Applications, SharePoint Add-ins, and More. Redmond, WA: Lucerne Publishing, 2015. On a Mac, hold down the Option key and type the minus sign located at the top of the keyboard. Quotation Marks. Rule 2a. Rewrite to avoid creating a new word. Examples: is a letter or set of letters placed before a root word. 3022 Broadway, New York, NY 10027 212-854-1100 The hyphen makes concealed-weapons a compound adjective, so the reader knows that the writer meant a permit for concealed weapons. Confusing: She had a concealed weapons permit. floating-point decimal Frequent field trips, audiovisual instruction, a mentor program with industry professionals—these are additional dimensions. … Use an en dash (–) instead of a hyphen in a compound adjective when: The compound adjective includes an open compound. No hyphen is used between an adverb ending in “ly” and an adjective or participle: check in — when used as a verb. Examples An adverb ending in -ly, such as completely, when it precedes another modifier. Rule 9b. upper-right or lower-right corner, If you use a suspended compound modifier, include a hyphen with both adjectives. The text is left aligned. A prefix affects a word, not a phrase. For a comprehensive guide to Chicago’s hyphenation policy, consult the Chicago Manual of Style hyphenation table in section 7.59. Very fast test. non-native

Use a hyphen with the prefix re when omitting the hyphen would cause confusion with another word. In compound words that precede and modify a noun as a unit, don’t hyphenate: Very, when it precedes another modifier. 3:15–3:45 p.m. re-elect. Rule 5. (Because years is plural. graffiti-ism a high school senior Hyphenate when used as a modifier: A phrase made up of a noun and gerund is typically open when used as a noun, and hyphenated when used as an adjective.
Though the trend is generally to close up compound nouns, for example statehouse, boathouse, and townhouse, when in doubt, consult Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (10th edition). extremely stylized image With no hyphen we get coworker, which could be distracting because it starts with cow. Use a hyphen in a compound modifier when the modifier comes before the word it’s modifying. Example: Sir Winthrop Heinz-Eakins will attend. An often overlooked rule for hyphens: The adverb very and adverbs ending in ly are not hyphenated. Example:

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