An interesting fact regarding the device is that the expression is not interpreted literally.

For example, make up [one’s] mind is rather transparent in suggesting the meaning ‘reach a decision,’ while kick the bucket is far from transparent in representing the meaning ‘die.’” For example, to have your feet on the ground is an idiom meaning 'to be sensible'. How to use idiom in a sentence.

PLAY. Terms in this set (3) Idiom. Spell. “Every cloud has its silver lining but it is sometimes a little difficult to get it to the mint.” For example, there are several idioms that convey the death of a person in highly subtle meanings, and some do the same in very offensive terms.

The purpose behind this vast use of idioms is to elaborate their language, to make it richer and spicier, and to help them in conveying subtle meanings to their intended audience. Learn more.

The Makeup of idioms This passage highlights the collection of idioms used by Shakespeare in his works. The phrase is understood to mean something quite different from what individual words of the phrase would imply. Gravity. An idiom is an expression where the meaning is different from the meaning of the individual words. They are also said to be exact and more correct than the literal words, and sometimes a few words are enough to replace a full sentence. The extract quoted above explains that idioms vary in their degree of transparency, which is the extent to which an idiom reveals its true meaning varies. An interesting fact regarding the device is that the expression is not interpreted literally.

Test. “I worked the graveyard shift with old people, which was really demoralizing, because the old people didn’t have a chance in hell of ever getting out.” (By Kate Millett). 3. The term idiom refers to a set expression or a phrase comprising two or more words. It has also been seen that idioms not only convey subtle meanings, but also ideas not conveyed through normal and everyday language, and they keep the balance in the communication. (By Don Marquis).

Here, the word “idioms” is used as an idiom. “American idioms drive me up the hall!” (By character Ziva David, NCIS television series).

The statement quoted above uses “silver lining” as an idiom which means some auspicious moment is lurking behind the cloud or the difficult time. Categorized as formulaic language, an idiom's figurative meaning is different from the literal meaning. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Alternatively, it can be said that the phrase is interpreted in a figurative sense. Alternatively, it can be said that the phrase is interpreted in a figurative sense.

The specific grammatical, syntactic, and structural character of a given language.

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