The link is in the guide description! Make sure you have everything you need before embarking on a long journey.

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Can go fast (up to 12 m/s), but you risk attracting unwanted attention and catching the engine on fire. Fins are your first propulsion device to help you move quickly and easily. You have to hatch a cuddlefish. As with the previous achievement, make sure to explore it fully.

The seaglide improves your speed by almost 100%, up to 11 m/s. This is a fully commentated tutorial/walkthrough for speedrunning Subnautica in the any% Survival category. The player has a base swim speed of about 5.7 m/s. Plants can grow in growbeds inside unpowered bases as well as powered ones. Launch the rocket and create a time capsule beforehand. Laser cutters and repair tools are required to explore the Aurora. Fig. Once you have a seaglide and a high capacity tank, don't be afraid to explore. Subnautica is an amazing game, certainly one of my favorites in the last few years. You need to make a habitat builder, the build some piece of a habitat with it. Usually slow and not very maneuverable (minimum speed of 7 m/s). Look behind the ladder for a storage locker. Subnautica Walkthrough Please note that the details below reflect the time and playthroughs required to get all the Achievements in this walkthrough. Useful as a storage area apart from the main storage section (see fig. Lantern fruit is fast growing, making it extremely good as a bioreactor fuel. Databoxes are found in the same places as fragments, but are rarer and give more specialized items. It is only visible to you. Get a prawn suit in there! If you have enough power without using bioreactors or nuclear reactors, you can often get by with just a moonpool serving as your entire base. Find wrecks. Version 2 is more thorough, more easily readable, and of course updated fully to the latest update of Subnautica. Later on when you have the resources, the depth module will be replaced with a better one and a thermal generator and a fire suppression system will be fitted into the last two slots. Please see the. The boost to speed is seen more easily while holding an item or using an oxygen tank.

Always carry a beacon with you, especially if you're new to the game. Most fish move around slower during the night. The player has a base swim speed of about 5.7 m/s.

It is still very good as it can house modules like a fabricator and can dry-dock a seamoth or prawn suit.

This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. For those, please see the Subnautica's Flora section. A biomechanical creature built by the Precursors which can teleport itself and others at will. The player has a base swim speed of about 5.7 m/s. Getting a scanner should be the first thing you do. Notice that there is no power cell charger here or anywhere else on my cyclops. Some blueprints require you to scan multiple fragments to acquire. 1 depth module, a shield module, an engine efficiency module, and a sonar module. Slow and not very maneuverable, but sturdy and capable of picking things up while you're inside it; comes with a storage module. Version 2 is more thorough, more easily readable, and of course updated fully to the latest update of Subnautica. Thanks to our walkthrough, your adventure with Subnautica will be a pleasant experience. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Starts out with a maximum depth of 500m but can be upgraded for a maximum depth of 1700m. Get some more advanced tools and equipment, like the. Going to the Lost River/Lava Zone is the exception to this. Here are maps of the main biomes, the Jellyshroom Caves, the Lost River, and the Lava Zones.
For your convenience, all resources in this section are listed alphabetically.

Three thermal plants attached to the base via power transmitter is all you need to keep your base powered. Food and storage can be kept inside your cyclops or transferred into the moonpool.

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