I totally disagree with this article. He enjoys being a stay-at-home dad to his two young children. RIGHT? You may find that the public elementary school or high school down the road is convenient, safe, and academically rigorous, in which case you might be wasting money if you send your kid to a private school. As a result, both types of classmates are probably normal if not outstanding students. Carefully consider the pros and cons of each option so you can make an informed decision. I've never seen any data showing that private schooling results in a better education than public. You made a great point about how you can get into a larger college and you can get a solid return on investment. It’s free to sign up and explore. Never know when somebody would randomly throw an opened soda can at a random persons head for fun!

By the end of high school, I never looked a stranger in the eyes or trusted anyone. The graduates of private boarding and day schools felt much better prepared for college than did public school students in the survey, and graduates of boarding schools achieved advanced degrees and career success to a greater extent than did the graduates of private day or public schools.

I have witnessed lots of sufferings and struggles lived by my peers (drug addict or alcoholic parents starving the kids, welfare parents who discourage/mock their kids to continue school, divorced parents who don’t want kid’s custody, parents working 16+ hours on minimum salary with no time for kids, prostitute moms encouraging their daughters to follow, etc.). But I would agree that it’s probably the case that scholastically, many private schools are better than religious in same areas. ", Understand the True Value of Private School, 5 Major Differences Between Public and Private Schools, Acceptance Rates for the Ivy League Schools, Class of 2024, 7 Ways Private School Prepares You for College, Top 10 Questions Parents Have About Private Schools, Reasons Why You Should Consider Private School, How to Write the Parent Statement for Private School. The most famous alumnus is President Barrack Obama. While she and her husband are not particularly religious, they chose a Catholic school run by a teaching order of nuns.

Does a Bad Economy Dictate Whether You’ll Have Children or Not? But there are certainly schools that have more robust performance on many objective outcome measures.

Cost is certainly important, and if you can’t afford to send your kids to a specific school, then it really isn’t even an option.

The only exception to this rule are Asian parents, where they’re willing to send their children to a white majority school. The value of your investment will fluctuate over time and you may gain or lose money. However, as an adult I always value the financial perspective. Going private cost $5,000 a year for their 6-year-old daughter. If we’re already living in a strong district and paying taxes which predominantly support the public school system, and in the absence of any data indicating outcomes are any better in private schools, there is no incentive to expend the considerable resources required for private schooling.

", "I think that a child's success within a public system is determined by the same factors that would determine success in any school," says Bethesda mom Cathy Stocker. My biggest worry as a parent is that my kid will get bullied, beat up, made fun of, killed, or fall into a bad crowd. 3. Consider the following ideas as you determine if private school is the right choice.

“Are we really going to live in a world where the rich continue to hoard their multi-generational fortunes while the rest just struggle to get by?” There isn’t much grey area left in the first paragraph. Any sense that a poor kid is being “disrespected” and the immediate response is a fist fight. My parents very put some effort into finding an affordable home in that district so that my brother and I could go to school there. While I believe students will perform equally well on standardized tests, i highly doubt social outcomes are the same.

Where I grew up, everyone pretty much went to the township public school – at least everyone I knew. How much weight can we put on the school vs the parent, home life or individual kid? The public schools seem to only push achievement on standardized tests.

We are exactly going thru’ similar decision making process. If you are there frequently to help build that community, your entire family is going to have a better experience, and your kid will benefit from that as well.".

"He is learning so much," she says. "The Toronto District School Board we are a part of is so big that at this moment I believe they aren't even meeting the needs of the average child, yet alone any with a special need," says Jillian George*, a stay-at-home mom of two in Toronto. If you can’t afford private grade school, don’t worry!

I knew someone who went to an elite foreign high school, and was bullied for being from less rich family, and he didn’t have the expensive clothes or other markers of wealth that the other kids had. "Our public elementary school had a wonderful reputation," she says. Please share with me your background.

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