There are many benefits to timing your practice, including: We’ll provide personalized question recommendations, Your score will improve and your results will be more realistic, Sign up or for Target Test Prep’s weekly Quant webinar series, The Economist GMAT Tutor is back with a brand new product, Introducing 8 week Live Online GMAT Batch. To find equation solutions, solve x-2=0 and 5x+1=0. 3.1    A product of several terms equals zero. When we divide by a negative number, we simultaneously flip the inequality sign: x ≥ -9 . How to Master Co-ordinate Geometry, Circles and Polygons? All equations of the form ax^{2}+bx+c=0 can be solved using the quadratic formula: \frac{-b±\sqrt{b^{2}-4ac}}{2a}.

What is my number? This is from a worksheet and I'm not sure how to .

35x2-9x-2=0 Two solutions were found :  x = -1/7 = -0.143  x = 2/5 = 0.400 Step by step solution : Step  1  :Equation at the end of step  1  : ((5•7x2) - 9x) - 2 = 0 Step  2  :Trying to factor ... Factor out x in the first and -5 in the second group. \left(x-\frac{9}{10}\right)^{2}=\frac{121}{100}. Step-3 : Rewrite the polynomial splitting the middle term using the two factors found in step 2 above,  -10  and  1                      10x2 - 10x + 1x - 1Step-4 : Add up the first 2 terms, pulling out like factors :                    10x • (x-1)              Add up the last 2 terms, pulling out common factors :                     1 • (x-1) Step-5 : Add up the four terms of step 4 :                    (10x+1)  •  (x-1)             Which is the desired factorization. Factor the expression by grouping. To take the negative of 4 squared enter it as -(4) or -4. Since ab is negative, a and b have the opposite signs.   250 REVIEWS, 5-STAR RATED ONLINE GMAT QUANT SELF STUDY COURSE, See why Target Test Prep is the top rated GMAT quant course on GMAT Club. When you want to square negative numbers in this calculator use parentheses with your input. Simple and best practice solution for -10+-9x+xa=0 equation. Factor the expression by grouping. Younger and Older Applicants - To MBA or Not to MBA? -5x2-9x-2=0 Two solutions were found :  x =(9-√41)/-10=-0.260  x =(9+√41)/-10=-1.540 Step by step solution : Step  1  :Equation at the end of step  1  : ((0 - 5x2) - 9x) - 2 = 0 Step  2  : Step ... First, the expression needs to be rewritten as x^{2}+ax+bx+25. Then add the square of -\frac{9}{10}=-0.9 to both sides of the equation. It appears that you are browsing the GMAT Club forum unregistered! x=\frac{-\left(-9\right)±\sqrt{81-4\times 5\left(-2\right)}}{2\times 5}, x=\frac{-\left(-9\right)±\sqrt{81-20\left(-2\right)}}{2\times 5}, x=\frac{-\left(-9\right)±\sqrt{81+40}}{2\times 5}, x=\frac{-\left(-9\right)±\sqrt{121}}{2\times 5}.

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