Perhaps in time. Cat, who joined us for our live event in April, discusses how she decides to approach particular experiences through songwriting versus…, The poet and essayist Victoria Newton Ford joins Jamie-Lee, Maya, and Sabrina to discuss her poem "Elegy for Clitoris" from Connotation Press. I go to cross-country practice for …

Stone Mountain itself is a national wonder. So in that sense, it’s a modest step. Isabella Simonetti, a current student at the University of Pennsylvania and the President of The Daily Pennsylvanian, joins Jamie-Lee for DPS's first Zoom episode.

South Carolina didn’t take down the Confederate flag from the steps of its state capitol until after the tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, and it wasn’t in response necessarily to the shooting. Just like no Black people are gonna be lifted out of poverty by taking down a statue in front of some county courthouse. But the monument, the language, the name of the team, the name on the school, they are just reflections of symptoms of a larger problem. It not only occupies a public space, but public money — taxpayer money from Black folks went into its final construction as well as going into maintaining it as a park. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Think about how long it took for Georgia and Mississippi to just take down the damn flag. Our usual perspective is flipped, in a sense, to great effect thanks to John's piece. This is something that has been reimagined and has benefited from new energy over the last century. A final word with Street's former leader May 14, 2020 at 2:58 pm Word on the street Still Loving What I've Lost. What will happen versus what I think should happen are two different things. While I outgrew childhood distractions, I never quite outgrew worrying. February 11, 2020 at 10:24 pm Our interview has been edited and condensed. Gabe reads a selection from the chapbook and then joins the conversation about choosing a particular form/approach/constraint to writing a…, This episode was recorded live at the Kelly Writers House on April 16, 2018 at Dead Parents Society's Beltran Family Teaching Award Program. It will fail again. Vox spoke to Hasan Jeffries, an associate professor of history at Ohio State University and a graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, about Stone Mountain’s history and whether this moment of racial reckoning in our country will assist in its removal.
Isabella Simonetti, 17, who has been at Avenues since the eighth grade.

The app that’ll change how you obtain your prescription birth control, all without seeing a doctor. Since the protests started over a month ago, the movement to get rid of certain monuments has picked up again and several have gone down — even Mississippi is getting a new flag. They discuss the writing Isabella has produced in an independent study at Penn about her mother's death from breast cancer, and how the scope of this work changed when the semester sudde…, This special episode of Dead Parents Society was recorded before a live audience at the Kelly Writers House and aired on WXPN, the public radio station at the University of Pennsylvania, in November 2019. It’s also white supremacy normalized, and that’s what we have to wrap our minds around. Stone Mountain is actually really interesting because the impetus for it is the desire to not only memorialize the Confederacy but also to reassert white supremacy. What do you think will happen to Stone Mountain? It’s the normalization of white supremacy which makes it so problematic.
Justin Fairfax announces run for governor in Virginia. The bigger project is to address the issue that led people to put that monument there in the first place, and then that let people 100 years later defend its presence knowing its origin and knowing its meaning. What's less frequently discussed is what happens when it’s time to stop the drugs. But it is an important step, and it is an important symbol for what the future ought to be and what the present in fact is.

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