Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. “I made the decision,” Reinsdorf said in 1995, as written by Smith in his book Second Coming.

Though Jordan did return to basketball after MLB baseball was halted by a strike, only he (having confided to Reinsdorf that he would only play for Jackson) and Pippen remained for the second string of championships.

[30] He was appointed by the Arizona Diamondbacks as a special assistant in its scouting department on April 1, 2011.[31]. He wanted the public to know that the team had the best marketers. Oakley, who happened to be Jordan's best friend on the team,[10] was extremely tough, particularly on the boards and on defense. Eddy Curry had success in the league, but perhaps did not live up to the lofty expectations that Krause had. He told Ron Harper as much after winning the 1996 Finals. I seriously doubt it. Among them was that as early as 1991, as documented in Sam Smith’s The Jordan Rules, Jordan was telling friends and teammates that he wanted to retire.
Michael Jordan drove it. The 1998 Bulls were a championship team. who Jordan said he had to treat like his eight-year-old son. I don’t share Krause’s conviction that 1999 was the right time.

On March 21, 2017, Krause died at the age of 77.

“I wanted to coach seven years,” Jackson told Telander. He’s had two major surgeries in two years, one of them late in the summer to purposely defy our instructions to do it earlier and not miss regular-season time. He wants to rightfully be paid superstar dollars. Did we break up a dynasty or was the dynasty breaking up of age, natural attrition of NBA players with little time to recuperate and the salary-cap rules that govern the game? Al and the doctors thought he would break down quickly. Keep this in mind, though: The Bulls had Bird Rights on every player mentioned. If they met the actual-champion Spurs in the NBA Finals, the Bulls – with all their playoff experience – certainly would’ve had a fighting chance. No more Michael Jordan, no more dynasty. In 1995 — his sixth season as Bulls head coach — Jackson told Krause and Reinsdorf he would only return after his contract expired in 1996 if the team cut loose of every player from the first three-peat, including Pippen.

Remember, Krause explored replacing Jackson in 1996 and trading Pippen in 1997. So there is credibility to the domino theory. Krause also worked as a baseball scout.

As a result, Krause has become the Yoko Ono of Chicago sports — the improper scapegoat for the dissolution of a legendary collective that, in truth, was torn apart internally. Krause’s insight there matters. Put yourself in our shoes as we walk out of that room. Jordan himself said, “The doctors said I couldn’t play for about two months.” Jordan also said he decided to retire before cutting his finger, which happened while vacationing in the Bahamas. It happened to the Pistons.

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