Neither of these is necessarily referring to a person. Of all possible ways the writers could make John inquire about the secret sibling in TLD, they chose the word “tower.” It’s an interesting choice of word. That's not normal. Right, we heard it from Mary in TST and TLD: “Go to hell, Sherlock. It’s really just about the information. Remember the song Sherlock remembers from his childhood: "my little master who will find me, ...", The song continues with: "deep down below in the ocean...", Sounds a lot like one that children can use in playing pirates, no?]. But why does this matter? If you don’t want to read it, I will list some reactions that could match Sherlock’s behaviour: - detachment from other people & emotions. That could mean that it‘s clear the Holmes brothers love each other but Sherlock is just hiding it.

It could be that Sherrinford was the name of the institution that Euros was being kept in until she recently escaped, unbeknownst to Mycroft. But not just waters - deep waters. And Sherlock is pointing his violin heart slightly towards his John mirror! In fact she says that unlike what she expected, Sherlock is "nicer" than "anyone" and even Sherlock says later on "I think she liked me", and with a smile that implied he was pleased with that, which is very unusual for him. I’m sure we’ll see what connections this scene has to Sherlock’s childhood trauma later this week.)]. (picture originally posted by @nixxie-pic here). Anyway, I‘d love to hear your thoughts on this! Also, Wiggins is canon in the original Conan Doyle stories: a teenage boy in charge of “The Baker Street Irregulars”, the equivalent of Sherlock’s homeless network. I think that we might see this disguise in season 5 or I just did not see the connections yet. His parents would never give their children the same name. It‘s clear love between them - in plain sight. “But what about TST and TLD?”, I can hear you asking. The basis for this theory is how much Sherlock despises Mycroft and that there has to be a logical reason for it. Ever wondered why the facility Eurus was kept in is called “Sherrinford”? Sherlock’s got a heart, which he cannot have, if Moriarty wants to possess him like he always did. (violin, same position, same stance, etc.) let’s call it seducing Sherlock. JOHN (looking back towards Sherlock for a moment): Yeah, well, he would, wouldn’t he? So why a literal palace?

Love this blog, but the sister’s name is Eurus, not Euros. John cheats on Sherlock with Mary but dumps her in the end because he is not a free man. In s4, there are two Latin words: ammo and nemo. He had/has all the theories and ships in mind. (Mrs. Holmes wears mostly blue (Sherlock’s color) while Mr. Holmes is the only one wearing red (John‘s color)). Wait, where’s Eurus?
We know from TFP that Eurus is a Moriarty mirror, right? Simple answer, Mary. Sherlock does not only say that he has to go into himself but that he has to go deep into himself. Somebody wrote a meta about water being a metaphor for emotions. John: Jesus, a secret brother.

For whom? Because Sherlock and Mycroft have a sister – and her name is Euros. Another theory would be that she represents Ella, hence Ella is working for Moriarty via Mycroft but that‘s something I don‘t want to discuss in this entry, since I will be writing a post about that later. Now, traumas can happen at any age but can have severe effects on a child.

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