The head is huge and the shark is heavy and massive. After Silva reeled in the tiger shark, she measured it and walked it back out to the ocean for release. Shark is tailroped and pulled into the wash.

The reel is hot and we are pouring water on the side plates.

Returning to the beach, line was set loose, and I crashed close to the rod spike. Travis leans back and puts weight on the shark, but the shark just keeps on heading out. He pulls back hard and cranks line as he lowers the rods, slowly gaining line, slowly bringing the shark forward.

What is next?….Keep Reading…. The guys scream Troy is on, and I head over. The shark calms and Matzy pops the jaws open and Troy removes the hook. Troy and Travis leader the shark. We wade out and Mark grabs the leaders.

You literally cannot believe the hundreds of great fishing reports posted by website members each year. Jake calls the shark as a bull. He has lots of mechanical advantage with so much line off the spool. After working hard all day to catch bait and deploy rods at sun set, it is time to get on with the action. Well done Travis and congratuations on a fantastic catch. A monster bad boy tiger. Madshark sets the hook and a heavy strong fish commences peeling line off the reel.

Troy helps with the rod as I kayak the shark bait out into the night.

They are located in the 75078 zip code and historically they participate in travel tournaments that are mostly local with some limited travel. At about 300 yard the shark slows down, and everyone is relieved. Shark Attacks: The Database. Well after that Hammer, we were all left with anticipation of what was to come next. This forum is a moderated forum, and we encourage members to respect one another and be good sportsmen.

Matzy calls the catch as a big hammer.

The shark is in the process of slowly spooling Travis. The message board forum receives over 500,000 pageviews each month and has more shark fishing posts on a daily basis, than all the other shark fishing websites in the world combined.

As we get each crank of line on the reel, we can see the tiger out there; always a beautiful site. We run a nice spread of fresh bait. The fear of sharks dates back to earliest days of seafaring, when sailors' fears of mythical sea creatures seemed to be one of the very real dangers of heading out to sea. The 37-year-old told she caught the estimated 300-pound shark around 7:30 p.m. from the shoreline near Bob Hall Pier in Corpus Christi, close to mile marker 300 on the beach.

Back and fourth, Troy brings the shark to the bar and the last 100 yards of the fish. Late in the night while talking with Troy, we see the glow stick start moving out on a my rod that was about 125 yards down the beach. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has rules when it comes to fishing for sharks. His legs burn. It was crazy,” said Kylee Orona, who survived the shark attack. On Labor Day, Josie Silva reeled in a 9-foot female tiger shark. The shark swims off with power and vigor. Countries; United States of America; Texas Shark attack data for Texas, United States of America. A few more cranks and we can see it….the shark is a huge bill bull.

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