"[14] GameSpy placed him tenth in their 2001 list of top villains in games, commenting he "generally makes your life a living hell". However, his most noted role is the full-motion video director in almost all Command & Conquer games and actor of Kane. For all these actions, Kane quickly rose to the top of the most wanted list of the United Nations' newly instituted Global Defense Initiative task force, as the war between the GDI and the Brotherhood would eventually escalate into one of the most brutal conflicts in human history. Joseph D. Kucan was born on March 19, 1965 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA as Joseph David Kucan. The problem with Kane's identity, according to the Global Defense Initiative's profile on the enigmatic "prophet" figure, is that the sole source of all information on the subject is Kane himself—who is not particularly noted for his trustworthiness. [6], In 2008, Kucan was inducted in the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2008 as the longest recurring actor in any video game franchise to date for his portrayal of Kane.[7]. That test video actually gave him the role of the charismatic leader of the Brotherhood of Nod, Kane. Kane himself is believed to have invented these technologies, which are frequently referred to by his many followers worldwide as "The Technology of Peace". Joseph David Kucan (often called Joe) was the lead video director in most Command & Conquer games, best known for his role of Kane in Tiberium Universe games and the first Red Alert game. "The Brotherhood of Nod" was an invention of original C&C designer Eydie Laramore. [4] Consistently used in various games within the franchise, the character's popularity with fans led to EA Los Angeles launching a promotional website for C&C dedicated entirely to the Kane character,[5] along with devoting the storyline of Command & Conquer 3's expansion pack, entitled "Kane's Wrath", exclusively to expanding Kane's background, history and motives. Considered a charismatic and brilliant sociopath by the outside world, Kane is seen by his followers as a holy figure and a messiah.

This guidance of Kane led Nod to gain a near monopoly on the world's rapidly increasing Tiberium deposits, as the Brotherhood's technologies for harvesting Tiberium initially were the only viable method of extracting the crystals, giving them enormous amounts of capital in a relatively short period of time and causing Nod to pioneer unique Tiberium-based technology in virtually every field. Joe Kucan holds the Guiness World Record as the Longest running actor in a video-game series, having played Kane for thirteen years (1995-2008) at the time of receiving the award, which was later lengthene… "The Brotherhood of Nod" was an invention of original C&C designer Eydie Laramore. Kucan was born on 19 March 1965 in Henderson, Nevada to Kenn and Jenny, both public school teachers.

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