What a waste, it would've been an awesome track but it got demolished.

IIRC, the death of Masa Saito (co-editor of the famous Option Magazine) caused the track to be left unused out of respect, and eventually was demolished. Masa Saito was a former AWA champion but most old school fans may remember his 1981 tag team championship run with partner Mr. Fuji. That track is amazing. Patera also resumed his career with the WWF after being released from prison.

He competed in the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and he made a name for himself in the squared circle over his 30-plus career that spanned two continents.

That looks like it would be a lot of fun taking to that track with its layout. _____ _____.__ / _____/__ _____ _____ \_ _____/|__|_____ ____ \_____ \| | \____ \_/ __ \_ __ \ | __) | \_ __ \_/ __ \ / \ | / |_> > ___/| | \/ | \ | || | \/\ ___/ /_____ /____/| __/ \___ >__| \___ / |__||__| \___ > \/ |__| \/ \/ \/ _____ \_____ \_____ ____ | ___/\_ __ \/ _ \ | | | | \( <_> ) |____| |__| \____/ __ __ __ .__ .__ / \ / \_____ ____ _____/ |_| | |__| ____ ____ \ \/\/ /\_ __ \_/ __ Legendary promoter and wrestling broadcaster "Mean" Gene Okerlund was one of those who came to Waukesha during the trial to speak on behalf of the wrestlers. I wish I could've been Lowndes then. In Japan, Saito wrestled for both All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro … The trial brought many wrestling legends to Waukesha to speak on behalf of Saito and Patera. Saito was found guilty of two counts of battery, one count of obstructing and one count of resisting, according to a Milwaukee Journal article.

Can't remember what he did it in though.

The scene reportedly then turned into a WWE-style brawl.

He also won the AWA World Heavyweight Championship in 1990. ).

Saito reportedly threatened an officer and then pushed one of them before Patera also got involved. Masanori Saito (February 1, 1942 - July 14, 2018) was a Japanese professional wrestler better known as Mr. Saito or Masa Saito.

Sadly we lost Saito in July of 2018 to Parkinson’s Disease but his matches in both American and Japanese pro wrestling organizations are thankfully on film. BUT from a perspective of an everyday person it was reasonable. It took 13 officers to pin and ultimately handcuff the two wrestlers, according to the 1984 Journal article.

To the newer fans, Larry Zbyszko ended up as one of the commentating team in the 90’s during the weeks where WCW massacred WWE in the ratings.

Masa Saito was a popular figure in the wrestling community. This is where the magazine would do high speed tests of various modified cars, sometimes getting them well over 300 kmh.

Hibbard, 19 at the time, said the wrestlers threw her from wall to wall, kicked her and kneed her in the back of the neck, according to a report in the June 6, 1985 edition of the Milwaukee Journal. Alot of great races happened on that very track, I think John Bowe holds the lap record, I think it was a 1:04:something. He later joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), where he teamed with Mr. Fuji to hold the World Tag Team Championship twice. © 2020 www.jsonline.com. The violent attack sent four officers to the hospital, the 1984 Journal article said, with Dillon and Hibbard suffering the worst of it.

WWE opened RAW on Monday night with a graphic recognizing Saito's death and others across the wrestling landscape also paid tribute. Check out the rare match WWE released today from the early 80’s featuring Zbyszko challenging Saito for the AWA world title.

When he was denied service after it had closed, police say he threw a 30-pound rock through the restaurant's drive-through window, according to Milwaukee Journal archived stories. Sadly we lost Saito …

Saito’s career in grappling began in freestyle amateur wrestling, and he represented his home country of Japan in the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Torture.

He wrestled for several years in various promotions operated by the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).

Saito died on July 14 at age 76 from complications of Parkinson's disease, which he has battled since 2000.

The attack on Hibbard resulted in broken teeth, a concussion and a ruptured appendix.

Punk won’t rule out WWE return and is open to talking to them, Sporting Deals and Discount with Coupons Plus Deals, Sporting goods deals available @SearchPromoCodes. Both men were arrested and a year later a jury trial took place in Waukesha.

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