Rohini is also the step-mother to … GSLV Mk III-D1 Successfully launches GSAT-19. Young Scientist Programme (Yuvika ) - Online Registration, Appreciation from participants of UNNATI Program, Astrosat Picture of the Month of Feb, 2019, Mr. Jean Yves Le Gall, President, French National Space Agency (CNES) visited ISRO Head Quarters on March 6, 2019, Announcement of Opportunity (AO) soliciting proposals for Seventh AO cycle observations, Announcement of Opportunity for Space-National Academic Partner (S-NAP), Chairman, Ukrainian Space Agency’s visit to ISRO HQ, Russian Ambassador to India visited ISRO HQ & HSFC, British High Commissioner to India visited ISRO HQ, JSC "Rosoboronexport" officials visited ISRO HQ, Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for Establishing ISRO Chair at Institutes - Last date for submissions extended upto March 08, 2019. PSLV-C28 / DMC3 Update: Propellant filling operations are completed. Orbital period now is 21hr 08m 09sec. Preparations for Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen (MON-3) oxidiser filling operation of PS4 are under progress. The third, SROSS 3 (also known as SROSS C), successfully …

PSLV-C27/IRNSS-1D Mission Update: Mono Methyl Hydrazine (MMH) propellant filling operation of fourth stage (PS4) of PSLV-C27 has commenced at 09:40 hr (IST), The 59 and half hour count-down of PSLV-C27/IRNSS-1D Mission has started at 05:49 hr IST on Thursday, March 26, 2015, Mission Readiness Review committee and Launch Authorisation Board cleared the starting of the 59 and half hour count-down of PSLV-C27/IRNSS-1D mission tomorrow, Thursday, March 26, 2015 at 05:49 hr IST, Launch of IRNSS-1D by PSLV-C27 on March 28, 2015, Media Registration for Covering PSLV-C27/IRNSS-1D Launch, Launch of PSLV-C27 with IRNSS-1D postponed, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Conducts a Series of Sounding Rocket Launches to Study the Annular Solar Eclipse, Chandrayaan-1 Spacecraft's Orbit Raised Further, Indigenous Cryogenic Stage Successfully Qualified. 1981. UH25 tank filling operations of Second Stage (PS2) are under progress, N2O4 tank filling of Second Stage (PS2) is under progress, PSLV-C35 / SCATSAT-1 Mission Countdown progressing normally, MON-3 oxidiser filling operations of PS4 are completed by 18:00 hr IST, Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen (MON-3) oxidiser filling operation of PS4 are under progress, MMH Propellant filling operation has been completed by 12:30 hr IST. IRNSS-1F UPDATE: Third LAM firing of IRNSS-1F, for 1561 sec has been successfully completed on 13.3.2016 starting from 11:32 hr IST. Please make a donation to support Gunter's Space Page. It is the 33rd communication satellite built by ISRO, GSLV Mk III-D2 / GSAT-29 Mission Launch - Filling of liquid oxygen in Cryogenic Stage commenced. Prior to the IRS-1E flight, MEOSS was also launched on the SROSS-2 (Stretched Rohini Satellite Series) mission of ISRO (July 13, 1988 on ISRO's ASLV launcher). PSLV-C36/RESOURCESAT-2A: Second Stage is Seperated, Third stage is ignited, PSLV-C36/RESOUCESAT-2A: Heat Shield Seperated, Vehicle Performance is Normal, PSLV-C36/RESOURCESAT-2A: Second Stage Performance is Normal, PSLV-C36/RESOURCESAT-2A: Air lead Strapon is Seperated.

PSLV-C33 / IRNSS-1G Update : Lift off normal. Coasting phase initiated, PSLV-C38 / Cartosat-2 Series Satellite Mission: Third stage performance normal, PSLV-C38 / Cartosat-2 Series Satellite Mission: Second Stage Engine Shutoff, Third stage ignited, PSLV-C38 / Cartosat-2 Series Satellite Mission: Heat shield separated, PSLV-C38 / Cartosat-2 Series Satellite Mission: First Stage Seperated, Second Stage performance normal, PSLV-C38 / Cartosat-2 Series Satellite Mission: First Stage Seperated, Second Stage Ignited, Mission Director has authorised Vehicle Director for launch. Request for Qualification (RFQ) - Technology Transfer of Lithium-ion Cell by ISRO to Indian Industries, PSLV-C44 Mission - Filling of propellant UH25 for the second stage (PS2) of PSLV-C44 completed. The targeted perigee height is 322 km and apogee height is 35887 km, The 32 hr countdown activity has commenced at 20:04hr IST on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 for the launch of PSLV-C41/IRNSS-1I Mission scheduled at 04:04 hr IST on April 12, 2018. PSLV-C31/IRNSS-1E Launch Update: PSLV-C31 Successfully Launches IRNSS-1E into the orbit.

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