Learn to identify and control this invasive grass on your Missouri property. [30], Supporters argued that outside interest groups, such as the Humane Society of the United States, were attempting to restrict agricultural practices in the state. Amendment 1, according to university studies, may actually promote puppy mills and other inhumane animal-breeding operations. 1. Prior to joining Farm Bureau, Dan held the positions of Deputy Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture; Legislative Assistant for Agriculture with U. S. Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond; and Program Director for the University of Missouri Food and Agriculture Policy Research Institute (FAPRI). In addition to his administrative duties, Dan coordinates Farm Bureau’s legislative and political action programs and serves as a lobbyist for the farm organization at the state and national levels.
Related Agencies. According to Haden, these regulations made farming and ranching less profitable, endangered the food supply and increased food prices. Even some of our largest urban corporations, the. Carver argued, "The amendment prohibits the Legislature from declaring what can and cannot be grown in Missouri." High 77F. Ballot access for candidates | Blake and Julie have three children. This is a natural right possessed from birth.
1.800.922.4632 (toll-free). PAC money is not always spent on one measure. Kelly and his wife, Peggy, served on the State Young Farmer Committee. Ballot measure laws | Reasonable expansion shall not include complete relocation of a farming operation by the owner within or without the present boundaries of the farming operation; however, reasonable expansion of like kind that presently exists, may occur. Blake Hurst was first elected the 14th president of Missouri Farm Bureau on December 7, 2010. "Three Legal Approaches to Rural Economic Development. Food plots will supplement natural forage, serving as a reserve for wildlife when other food supplies run short. Missouri farmers and ranchers – not animal-rights groups, environmentalists and government bureaucrats — know what is … 2. She provided the following arguments in opposition to Amendment 1: In particular, Amendment 1 could protect Chinese-owned Smithfield Foods Inc., which operates several concentrated animal feeding operations in Missouri, in its ongoing legal battles over pollution caused by its facilities. We don’t see a need for it and many farmers are being misled on its purposes. It will greatly increase further consolidation of agriculture, increase proliferation of genetically modified patented life forms, and destroy local control of the spread of the consolidating (ie. Amendment 1 is an effort by large corporate agriculture conglomerates to put their interests ahead of those of small family farms. degree in Agricultural Economics. 1. House Joint Resolution was introduced on January 17, 2013. Jefferson City, MO 65109, Mailing Address

They were supporting multiple measures, therefore the following totals represent their total contributions received in 2014, but the expenditures are only what they have spent on Amendment 1.[34]. "[18] A 2005 paper by Professor Terence J. Centner of the University of George highlighted the ongoing conversation. 6785 Highway 63 Ste. Our habitat, forest, pond and grassland management booklets help you improve your Missouri rural land for all kinds of wildlife, fishing, grazing and timber.

Furthermore, the "logical extension" of applying Amendment 1 to marijuana cultivation would be applying the right-to-farm to "a myriad of other botanical organisms to be used in producing illegal substances.

They included the following arguments in opposition to Amendment 1: The Franklin County Democrats provided summaries and arguments written by Rep. Jeanne Kirkton (D-91) for and against each amendment on the August ballot. Community involvement includes the Knights of Columbus, FFA Alumni and Monroe City Agri-leaders. [...] No single industry or occupation deserves constitutional immunity. Federal courts | Raytown Democratic Association and the 28th Ward Democrats Campaign Committee were also PACs opposing Amendment 1. According to a 2005 report by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), right-to-farm laws can be defined as follows: The language of the measure changed quite drastically during its time in legislative debates. The Missouri Farming Rights Amendment will help ensure our food supply remains plentiful and inexpensive. At the state level, he serves as chairman of both Farm Bureau’s Resolutions and FARM-PAC Review committees. He said, "Whenever we see this type of constitutional amendment, it will actually take away folks right for redress if there are some very egregious nuisance of environmental issues that might arise in the future." If you voted today, would you vote yes or no on this constitutional amendment? The following page contains television campaign advertisements for campaigns in favor of the measure: Amendment 1 did not receive unanimous support from the agricultural community, especially by those concerned by how it could affect smaller agricultural operations.

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