Our professional team has everything covered. '6��-j��˖�E� The Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires several pieces of information to be included in the application form as well as a number of documents in addition to the application form. I may be wrong though. Licensing can get complicated, especially if you’re applying for the first time.

Give us a call if you'd like to learn more about renting our mobile bar for your next party.

Make sure you gather and include the following and have them ready for submission: To obtain your permit, you’ll need to complete form DBPR ABT-6011. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public-records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity.

The permanent license fee is $1820. Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. <> <>>> It’s essential that you get the right one or you may not be able to serve the particular beverages your client wants. t�B��T�U~tnyU�kZ��Ӭ���d�ܞ"�����W�L� B��r"���ibP����;\��a���/'\�%����X�)+i���0��ם�9H�` �$��$ ���;�Q���`G��H�{���O��jC���kz��Ś ��! For most people, alcohol is woven into the fabric of social gatherings, and it’s not really a party if there’s nothing to use in a toast. All Rights Reserved. Here’s how to get a caterers liquor license in Florida in five steps. x��[mo�F� �a?�!f�\�E�q�����Z�>�2e�%����~��3˗]��X;�3�;�����_��߿�x��;����8yw*N�_�}/�=?���WR���D��D��^�����W�����_]N~�̈́�Z�Ax�4'��9�ƞR�X��yad����^�re,&�_�u� ?ц�i�CqwO��TB5=��o�駤��z�в�+տ^����s�c�0�^���!�>� Our crews are trained well, use state of the art equipment and techniques and will care for your belongings as if they were their own. 1.

Conch Town Liquor & Lounge has a mobile liquor license, allowing us to travel within Monroe County and bring the bar to you.

In order to offer alcoholic beverages as part of your services, you need to be properly licensed. 2 0 obj We are experts at relocating all types of business — from a one-person office to a larger corporate facility. 51% or greater of your gross revenue from the event must be derived from the sale of food and non-alcoholic beverages. �sN�AA��H���FE���8ɚ��px�� &/pG��w�*I�$,C�$ D���溸�/:�����.h���3k��L��[��w(8��$ד7v�ok�h������S�Mk�����0�����u��#� g��~�.� ��6XM��&��� ��W�s̯��/[�Ww����\Тc�ȧ>\�H���2{�.�Rp̤=���2pS�$meSm�-N Is it possible to get a liquor license, but on a mobile vehicle that travels from location to another location? Beer Consumption on Premises (1COP): Between $40 and $200 depending on county size, plus 40% of the fee 3. 7 years ago. Welcome to Florida Liquor License.

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License cannot move to a new location. endobj We remove the stress of trying to figure out how to pack everything up and get things to your new location. Determine the Appropriate License Type. Must meet certain requirements as to the number of seats, … Must be licensed by the Division of Hotels and Restaurants. If you have an inactive license or your business is closed and need to sell your existing license to raise capital now, we can help! Beverage License Specialists can walk you through the process and help you obtain the necessary documentation to legally serve alcoholic beverages. Mitigation of moral character, if applicable, Certificate of Status/Secretary of State, if applicable, 1015 NW 9th Ave To obtain and maintain the 13CT permit, you must meet a few preliminary requirements: Also note that this permit doesn’t allow you to store alcoholic beverages, only serve. Even if I dont sell liquor, can I sell just beer? There are many different liquor licenses issued by the state, and each one is different. z-��{˪�ϋ�.�ҟtrKQm0�n����(&�I5�2="�m�����H�z)�W���`�-y� Lv 7. Fort Lauderdale FL 33311. Costs vary greatly between them, especially depending on county sizes. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Caterers typically need a 13CT permit. ��_. stream The Department of Business and Professional Regulation charges a fee to issue permits. ُE��;qQ�1�)�}d�dG~�k�ȎD������)��ݮV /�����D�[���e�}5��Q7 gk�|�DRq��'�w�B��-ǻ�mA��C(���=���K�L�%E�S����2`�떾�ƃ{���i�a���$ Qj���4rs� !�7���Y����T��ҁ�G�ҫ�37���.�(�=

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