All the attacks are pretty fast, so there’s plenty of room for experimentation, and you should quickly find your own preferred combo. The Sword & Shield is a well-rounded weapon that can be pretty effective against any monster, though the battles can be gruesomely long sometimes if you’re fighting in the higher ranks. Again, like the Greatsword’s charge, it has 3 strikes, each with a different kind of attack-set. Holding the directional keypad and then pressing A will make your character perform a shield bash in that direction. Special Attack Dual blades are a very (forgive me for this) double-edged sword of a weapon. Vaulting provides the ability to sling yourself up in the air whenever you wish, even mid-combo, allowing for some clever dodging tactics that help to make up for the complete lack of blocking. Attack speed similar to the Sword and Shield, with, The leaps made by the Insect Glaive do not grant invulnerability like a 'true evasion' does, so certain attacks of large monsters like. Like enhancing the weapon itself, the Kinsects' statistics can be enhanced to allow them to evolve (in Monster Hunter terms). Each of them have a distinct physiology, unique stats, and are even enhanceable by evolving them into better forms. Beginner weapon. Toggle navigation Kiranico // MH4U Though the leap attack itself ignores stagger threshold, every leap attack does not yield a guaranteed stagger from the monster every time. Bow users are best in a party, but can also solo pretty well. Haider is a freelance contributor, who loves video games, playing guitar, and aviation. The leaping attack, with the Insect Glaive, makes it very easy to mount a monster. Now, you’ll seriously need some practice to get a hang of this complicated weapon. You’ll find yourself repeating a pattern with the charge blade: attack with S&S mode, diffuse charged power into blade, and then unleash hell in axe mode. The vaulting leap-attack is also very useful for chasing a monster that's about to flee by flying upwards. Keep at it, hunters, there’s new content being released every month on top of the huge amount of default content already available. Raise attack or defense, heal, temporarily eliminate wind physics or stamina depletion, grant hearing protection against roars, and many, many more temporary buffs are available amongst all of the hunting horns you can forge. This will increase the damage of all of your Axe attacks by 20%, but will drain all of your phials while it is active. The game doesn’t have a concrete leveling or development system, so in Monster Hunter 4, you are what you equip. R (after any attacks) = Strike with the end-tip of the rod for an "Impact" type damage that also leave a pheromone mark where the hit lands. Ice = Increases the Kinsect's ice elemental damage. Keep hold of the button till the reticule is over the monster you are targeting, and then release it immediately. The weapons are extremely slow though – even slower than Greatswords, but the advantage you have here is that unlike the Greatswords, you can charge your Hammer while you’re moving about. The techniques are not limited to just attacking, however, as the rod can also be used to perform tricky maneuvers like pole vaulting to gain a high-ground advantage, or for evasive purposes. If you enjoy the added defense of a shield, but would like to take use of heavy hits every now and then, then this weapon type is the ideal choice for you. High exhaust Damage. The Gun Lance has a very powerful special attack called Wyvern’s Fire. If you can master getting close to your enemy, however, you can unleash the all-powerful Spirit Blade Combo and really crank out the damage.

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